Sen Lawrence Accuses NEC

-Being The Mastermind Of LP’s Prolonged Crisis; Threatens Legal Actions Against NEC

MONROVIA- Embattled political leader of the Liberty Party, Sen. Nyonblee Karnga- Lawrence as stated in a press release dated September 25, 2022 has accused the National Election Commission (NEC) of working with Chairman Musu Bility which had caused the prolonged crisis in the party: Below is the full Press statement released by Senator Lawrence.

Monrovia, September 25, 2022: The national leadership of Liberty Party headed by Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence as Political Leader has learned with utmost dismay of a communication from the National Elections Commission addressed to Mr. Musa Bility associating the Liberty Party with a bogus collaboration with the Alternative National Congress.  The Political Leader hereby unequivocally distances the Liberty Party from any such collaboration with the Alternative National Congress.

It can be recalled that following the signing of the purported framework document referenced in the communication from the NEC, the Political Leader of the Liberty Party wrote the Chairman and members of the Board of Commissioners of the National Elections Commission, informing it that by operations of the corrected LP 2021 Constitution currently before the Commission, the procedures to commit LP to collaboration requires a decision of the Political Leader in consultation with the National Executive Committee, and not a spontaneous and unilateral decision by a single individual clandestinely operating under the guise of party chairman.

From the inception of the crisis in Liberty Party, we have consistently informed the public, including Liberia’s International partners who continue to invest in our electoral processes, that the NEC, by admission and omission, is the principal enabler of the actions of Mr. Bility to disintegrate Liberty Party. We recalled how Musa Bility secure a criminal appearance bond for Madam Davidetta Brown-Lansanah when she was criminally indicted by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission for influence peddling and conflict of interest.

By this latest action of the NEC, it is now even more conspicuous that the Chairman and Members of the Board of Commissioners, have elevated their conspiracy with Mr. Bility to render Liberty Party inconsequential to the 2023 General and Presidential Elections by keeping the institution in perpetual conflict. How could an Election Management Body that is charged with the responsibility to exercise a duty of prudence be so parochial in its judgment? Did we not notify the NEC that Mr. Bilitty’s latest action violated the very Constitution whose correction he participated in, following his admission to altering provisions of the document? Did the NEC entertain any conference or hearing between the two parties to dispose of the issues raised?

It is unfortunate that the credibility and neutrality of the NEC, a supposed integrity institution created by law to protect our promising democracy, has been eroded in broad daylight.

Therefore, given the relentless determination of the National Elections Commission to prolong the crisis in Liberty Party at the directive of Mr. Musa Bility and his benefactors, the National Leadership of the Party headed by its Political Leader, Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, is constrained to announce a string of political and legal actions to be taken against the unwarranted intrusion of the NEC into the internal matters of the Liberty Party. The date for these unspecified political actions will shortly be announced and the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Justice will be duly informed.

These mass political and legal actions are intended to draw the attention of Liberia’s international partners, particularly, the United States Embassy near Monrovia, the United Nations Peacebuilding Office, the European Union Office, the African Union, and ECOWAS, about the partisan posture of the NEC and how it continues to recklessly undermine the stability of a critical opposition political party in the country.

We herewith call on all partisans and supporters to stand ready as we pursue the ultimate actions to unmask the devil behind the scene and secure our party once and for all.

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