“Seize The Political Situation In Liberia”

...Liberian Delegation Appeals To ECOWAS

 MONROVIA-A delegation of Liberian officials attending the 50th Session of the Mediation and Security Council at the Ministerial Level of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in Guinea Bissau has urged the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to remain seized of the political situation in Liberia.

In a dispatch from Guinea Bissau, the Liberian delegation recognized that inclusive, free, fair, transparent, and credible elections are critical for sustainable peace, security, and stability of the sub-region.

“I am really encouraged about the relative stability of the region on the political scene as evidenced in the successes recorded in the electoral processes held in some Member States,” the head of the Liberian delegation Mr. Abraham K. Korvah, Deputy Minister for International Cooperation and Economic Affairs pointed out.

According to Deputy Minister Korvah, the 10 October 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections will present Liberia a significant opportunity not only to consolidate her democratic gains but also to have those gains secured and built upon.

The delegation disclosed that to ensure the smooth conduct of these elections, Liberian authorities, security and political stakeholders are taking the necessary measures in creating a durable security environment before, during, and after the elections.

“ECOWAS Commission should continue to provide technical assistance in a timely manner in support for the conduct of successful elections. ECOWAS Commission in its monitoring should remain seized of the political situation in Liberia and should not hesitate to raise red flags and caution all stakeholders where needed in other to safeguard the integrity of the elections,” Deputy Minister Korvah stressed.

The 50th Session of the Mediation and Security Council at the Ministerial Level of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is ongoing in the Republic of Guinea Bissau with member states of ECOWAS in attendance.

Minister Korvah on behalf of Liberia recommended to the regional body to strengthen law enforcement, surveillance, and prosecutorial capacity efforts at both national and international levels for violations, crimes, and violent attacks on the shipping industry.

Liberia also wants to harness stronger commitment to political commitment and to provide further adequate training and equipment for security forces to fully deal with terrorism, other organized crimes, and electoral violence.

“We should keep strengthening our security and socio-political institutions and involve state and non-state actors in addressing security complexities,” said the delegation from Liberia.

The head of the delegation noted, “President George M. Weah and the Liberian Government acknowledge and appreciate the leadership of the Community especially leaders of the Ministerial Level of the ECOWAS Mediation and Security Council for your support to Liberia; helping us with early warning, conflict prevention, peacemaking, and conflict resolution programs. As a result of enhanced coordination and collaboration with our sister countries through this framework, peace is being sustained in Liberia.”

“Our region is confronted by complex peace, security, and governance challenges while terrorism, armed conflicts, unconstitutional changes in power, and transnational crimes are some of the most urgent factors contributing to state and human insecurity in the region. These threats have multifaceted consequences in member states and the region at large,” the dispatch from the ECOWAS meeting noted.

According to the dispatch, the Liberian delegation further noted that “This mass convergence of ministers is generously essential to review the security situation in the region and tailor our programs to mitigate existing challenges. This will positively shift the security dynamics of the region by unearthing ways of improving the security situation of the region.”

Commenting on the issue of piracy in the West African sub-region, the delegation pointed out that West African responses to piracy and maritime security threats in the Gulf of Guinea have been fragmentary. Maritime domain awareness remains low, inter-agency coordination is limited, and intra-regional coordination mechanisms that have been established are often underfunded. All these have caused the Gulf of Guinea in recent years to become the shipping corridor with the highest number of piracy attacks in the world. This constitutes a great threat to commerce and by extension to economic development in the region.”

According to Liberia, the highly fungible nature of maritime security threats means that this challenge cannot be addressed solely by individual states but requires cohesive regional security cooperation. “While progress has been made, stronger political commitment is needed if regional maritime security cooperation plans are to be operationalized. Until there is political will in each West African country to protect the region’s waters by criminalizing and prosecuting acts of piracy and armed robbery at sea under their domestic laws, the Gulf of Guinea will remain a challenged security space,” the dispatch added.

“We encourage other sisterly countries to support the Security Council adopted resolution 2634 on piracy and armed robbery in the Gulf of Guinea and the “Yaoundé Code of Conduct,” which has since formed the main maritime security architecture for addressing piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.”

On the issue of terrorism, the delegation said, “Liberia strongly condemns terrorism and reaffirms that no inch of her soil will be used to promote terrorism. Liberia remains committed to the fight against terrorism, violent extremism, and transnational organized crime in the region through the implementation of the ECOWAS Action Plan on Terrorism and other frameworks. Let’s redouble the collective efforts in honoring the financial obligations made towards the implementation of the 2020-2024 Priority Action Plan to combat extremism in West Africa,” the dispatch concluded.

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