Seek Holiday through Proper Process


By: Washington Tumay

MONROVIA-President George M. Weah has urged Liberians to pursue the path of peace and stability in the transformation of the country.

President Weah indicated that without peace, the world will be difficult to live including Liberia.

Speaking Friday, July 22, 2022 during the Independence Day Thanksgiving Service at the New Georgia junction Mosques, President Weah extolled the loving people of the Muslims Faith to pray to God for peace and stability of the country.

The Liberian leader called on the Muslims of Liberia to unite regardless of the confrontation on the delegation from Liberia to Mecca.

Mecca, is the Arabic Makkah , Ancient Bakkah  City, Western Saudi Arabia , Located in the Sirat Mountains, inland from the Red Sea Coast .It is the holiest of Muslim cities. Mohammad, the founder of Islam, was born in Mecca and it is in this religious Centre that Muslims turn five times daily in prayer.

Recently, there was serious tension erupted in the  Muslims community regarding the formula implemented in determining who should have gone to Mecca due to the committee’s inability to meet up with the total numbers of the delegation.

According to reports, there were two committees that were responsible to solicit funding for the Liberian delegation to Mecca.

One group of the Mecca delegation committee was organized by the government through the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the other by the Muslim Council.

Additionally, the committee received six thousand five hundred United States dollars per traveler, non-refundable money.

According to information, some of those Muslims who paid their six thousand five hundred United States dollars to attend the HAJJ were unable to travel, something that created serious tension.

But President Weah told the Muslims that it is prudent for those who have attended the HAJJ  to give others who have not attended the chance to attend.

According to him, with such understanding, more people will have the opportunity to attend the HAJJ in Mecca.

President Weah said his government will continue to work along with the Muslims to ensure that most of the people attend the HAJJ.

Speaking further the Liberian Leader told the Muslim community to seek a holiday through the appropriate process.

He challenged them to pursue the path of peace by seeking a Muslim holiday.


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