Scrambles For Nimba, Southeast


With just 29 more days to the Presidential and Legislative Elections, an assessment conducted by a Liberian Journalist, Trokon Freeman revealed that there is a seesaw battle between the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the opposition mainly the former governing Unity Party.

According to the Liberian Journalist, he did some interviews in the southeast and parts of Nimba, “And this is my fair assessment of the political scene there. Based on his assessment, he disclosed that incumbent George Weah will win all the southeastern counties, but the margin won’t be huge as earlier anticipated by pundits.

Trokon said despite regional/tribal solidarity in favor of the President, bad roads, Senator James Biney and Representative Alex Grant are causing headache for the reelection the Liberian leader.

The Journalist added, “But again southeasterners are not too bothered about the bad roads. They say their son is not a selfish leader, and strongly hold the view that he will do the roads if given another term. The same way my friends in UP feel entitled that’s how our brothers and sisters in that part of the country think the President must eat his 12 years too.

According to the assessment, in Nimba, Joseph Boakai isn’t seen in the picture that much. He added that Nimbains see the UP/Koung as their project because of the way campaign messages are being cleverly communicated by Senator Prince Johnson.

Nimbains opposing the UP are being perceived opposition to the county producing a President. In all of this, the government development interventions, including the Ganta-Bahn corridor are doing pretty well for Weah’s re-election campaign,” the report added.

The assessment report also revealed that in it all, JNB will command more votes in the second populous county.

Let me conclude by saying that much is not being heard about the CPP and Cummings in those places visited; however, it’s just too fair to say the 3rd place belongs to him and he’s doing everything not to let him slip his hands,” the Liberian Journalist observed.

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