Salala Unsafe!

By: R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-Minister of Justice Frank Musa Dean says Salala is unsafe disclosing that five persons have so far been arrested in connection with the capturing of a Judge and others by the country devil in that part of the country.

Making the disclosure at the commissioning ceremony of two Judges of the probate and tax courts, Minister Dean says the Commissioner and City Mayor of Salala was among the five persons arrested and would remain in Monrovia until those captured by the country devil are released.

“As we speak, we have arrested five persons including the City Mayor and the commissioner who were brought down here because Salala is unsafe; they will be here with us in Monrovia until the people they have kidnapped are released and all of them are brought to Monrovia”, Dean noted.

Cllr. Dean wonders why a commissioner will go to a Judge to tell him to close down the court because the devil is coming, and if he (Judge) refused, he will be picked up by the country devil and true in his words, the devil came and took the Judge away.

“So we are waiting; they will release those people that they have kidnapped and they all will come here for us to talk it.”

Minister Dean said the rule of law does not permit such, noting that when the people lose trust in the court and the Judicial Process, some will seek to protect themselves through illegal means.

“There is a huge challenge and all of us must come together; violence keeps coming up, some of our Judges will release those armed robbers at night and tell them to go into the rural areas, so we have a challenge with law and order, with our capacity. Good people will always be more than bad people but, you should stand strong and condemn these things not encourage them.”


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