….president Weah describes Lewis Brown’s removal

MONROVIA-President George Weah finally  let the cat out of the bag this week for dismissing Lewis Brown,  Liberia’s Ambassador to the United Nations.

Speaking as a prelate at his Forky Klon Church on Sunday, October 2, 2022, President Weah said minister Brown was sacked due to what he called his  refusal to listen to instructions and wanted to put Liberia and America at loggerheads.

This, according to him, he could not allow him stay on such important position.  According to him, any Liberian government official that goes against the interest of  America will not go unpunished.

“I went to United Nations to represent our people. There is no joke there. Not a place to go play marble.

When your president’s time reaches to speak in that place, it is a serious matter. Instead of praying, you are going to pray for the president to fail,” he said.

He continued:  “One guy that was working with foreign Ministry, I sacked,  said that I  was in a rebel group. Those are people who we disarmed. They were carrying guns. The only money I paid in this country is the school fees for students. I never participated in any war, I hated what was happening in my country.”

President Weah: “The same man that we sacked in America, the same man said that George  Weah will not go to an election. I went to the election. Well, I want to tell him that if he was a rebel, other people are crazy more than other people.

“He thinks his craziness pass ma, but other people own pass ma. I do not know what he means by, I will not go to the election; I want to say to him, here, and I want to call his name, Lewis Brown. Lewis Brown was sacked because he does not know diplomacy at all. He does not know the difference between America and Liberia relations.

He does not know our relations with America. He does not know that America is our traditional partner.?

He does not listen to leaders. In the ministry, we asked that man to vote for America,  he voted against America and that is why we sacked him.

“We do not vote because of favoritism. Because we are a democratic state. The interest for a partner is important. He should keep his anger.”

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