S/G Cephus Breaks Silence

MONROVIA-Following criticism and misinformation in the public, solicitor general Sayma S. Cephus has broken silence, and gave reasons for meeting with former constitutional Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai.

According to Cephus, at the trial, many people including those within the CDC Government who have their loyalty straddled across the political divide in hopes that when the political dynamic changes they will be greeted for playing ‘smart’ had already termed the Alexander B. Cummings’ trial as a “circus,” claiming that there’s no evidence, and that I will find it difficult, if not impossible to produce the quality of witnesses needed to prove the case.

Cephus claimed he has been absolutely unperturbed by such craps and nuisance because the evidence available to him is so compelling and incontrovertible, I decided to focus on wooing my witnesses to come forward to speak the truth.

He narrates, “On a quiet Thursday afternoon on April 29, 2022, I placed a mobile phone call to former constitutional Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, and asked if I could see him to ensure that he is served a Subpoena, and he graciously accepted my suggestion and advised that I should see him.”

After few clearances so that his (Cephus) action is not misconstrued by mischief makers, he got the permission to see the first ever high quality Subpoena witness in the juridical history of a magisterial court.

“Based on a lot of lies and misinformation, I had anticipated seeing a rather weak, frail and somewhat drowsy Joseph Nyumah Boakai, but I saw the opposite of everything,” he added.

Cephus further narrates, “He talked fondly of my late parents and informed me that a lot of people fear me in the courtroom because they told him I am a walking-dictionary of the law.”

According to him, Boakai told him that his (Boakai) appearance was not a problem, but that I should assure him that he would be treated as a Subpoena witness only.

“His fear and doubts are not unfounded because in a country where signs of pragmatic are harder to find when it comes to politics which has now taken tribal and regional dimensions, I could well imagine how he felt,” he added.

However, as a young man only seeking the truth in this matter; I warmly assured him and promised that as a marked of commitment to seek nothing but the truth out of him, I will personally receive him at the entrance of the court when he shows up, and which I did.

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