S. Court nullifies Oniyama’s case….. Orders lower court to resume jurisdiction

The Supreme Court has nullified and  ordered the sixth judicial  court to  to resume hearing into an alleged rape case involving Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama, head of Beer Factory and honorary consul General  of Ukrainian  government in Liberia and madam  Almaz Jalloh(aka- Andri Kadiatu), a resident in the Belgium.

In a communication  sent by the Supreme Court  to the lower  court on May 18,2020 and received by the lower court on May 22, 2020: Captioned: “Petition for Write of Error”  ordered the court to resume justification over the case.

The sixth judicial circuit court judge, His honor Yami  Quiqui Gbeisay, the supreme court, under the directive of  Associate  Justice Jamesetta Wolokolie wrote: “By directive of her honor, Jamesetta H. Wolokolie, Associate justice presiding in the Chambers, you are hereby mandated to resume justification  and based upon the concession, of the second respondent,(Oniyama) that the writ of summon was not  appropriately served have the judgment  rendered nullified.

It can be recalled that  Dr. Oniyama  sued madam Jalloh  of US$5m for defamation of character. The lower court presided over by Judge Kennedy Peabody  ruled in favor of  Oniyama.  But madam Jalloh took exception to the ruling on grounds that she was never served any document to appear in court or her lawyers.

In   the case for which the Supreme Court ordered  for resumption into it, Oniyama,   in his 33-count petition for action of damages said that in 2013, he entered a consensual relationship with her and during which time of the relationship they both took all appropriate steps to ensure that each other was protected during periods of intimacy. “Despite the protective measures taken during intimacy and to the utter dismay, shock and surprise of Plaintiff, in the same 2013, 1st Defendant (Almaz) informed Plaintiff (Oniyama) that she had been impregnated by him was carrying Plaintiff’s child,” the petition explained.

However, Oniyama argued that though at no time he ever had unprotected intimacy with Almaz, he accepted responsibility for the pregnancy based on his cultural values, respect for women, upbringing and decency. 

According to him, after a protracted period of time without having physical contact with Almaz, she visited his office and while in conversation, she informed him of her second pregnancy and the child was his. This move, according to the petition, raised his doubt over the first pregnancy and he immediately demanded a paternity DNA test which showed that he is the father of the first child.

“He not being satisfied with the result of the paternity test and suspecting that there must have been foul play since 1st Defendant was exclusively entrusted with the specimen, requested and Defendant again consented to a second paternity test. For the purpose of the second paternity test, Plaintiff, 1st Defendant and the child (name withheld) travelled to Lagos, Federal Republic of Nigeria, where the test was performed. The result of the second paternity test indicated that Plaintiff was not the biological father of (name withheld),” the petition explained.

Flash back: Oniyama taking oath of office as Honorary Consul General for Ukrain Consulate in Liberia

But Madam Jalloh accused Dr. Oniyama of rape. She wrote the Liberian government during the regime of  former president, Ellen Johnson  Sirleaf and  the current government headed by president George Weah. In her  communication it said that she was  raped by  Oniyama which resulted to her giving birth.  According to her, the DNA test carried out were manipulated by him.

Madam Jalloh, requested  the Liberian government to seek justice in 2013. In her letter, she wrote  that in 2013 Dr. Oniyama asked her to be his mistress, but she reneged as she had a boyfriend who stayed in Europe. “He consented and said he respects my decision but we could be friends. I however accepted with serious apprehension,” Ms. Jalloh claimed.

Her documents furthered that :“On a fateful date Dr. Oniyama asked me out at his car rental office (Avis) adjacent the LEC (Bushrod Island) in Liberia, due to its public location, I accepted not knowing he had a plan.

“The professed decent man now an Ambassador of a Foreign Government (Ukraine) drugged my drink, put me to uncontrollable sleep and raped me, such despicable act indeed! Gosh! #tears

“When I woke I didn’t notice what had happened, went home and few weeks later began seeing signs of pregnancy then I first went to the hospital and was told I was pregnant. I was outraged and went to Dr. Oniyama and asked what had he done to me? He consented he had something to do with me but used condom. He also went on to say he is impotent and was not possible to even have sex with me. His stories did not corroborate so I decided to carry the baby, have a DNA when I give birth and use the situation to pursue justice for bastards like his kind who will use wealth and power to mistreat people.

“Dr. Nelson Oniyama asked me to abort the pregnancy but I refused and used one Henry Moore a police officer to continuously intimidate me that even if I took up the issue with the International Police abroad nothing would come out of it as the matter happened in Liberia. Today Moore is Security Consultant in Nelson’s company.

“When I had the kid I asked for the DNA, one was done in Liberia and another done in Nigeria, all tampered with and compromised by the filthy rich good for nothing Oniyama.

When I moved to Europe I then did a verification of all the tests with kits sent from labs in Europe where previous tests were sent, Alpha Biolab Clinic that ran the DNA verification in Belgium told me all the tests initially done were tampered with and that Oniyama had lied. The DNA markers of all the test done where all different from the child and that all human has one DNA and not two as shown by the results they sent. When I raised the issue in 2018, Nelson said it was a mistake done by the lab but my question was why didn’t he see the mistake but rather denied me of justice 4years ago?

“Madam Minister I pray Dr. Oniyama is brought to justice for all these physiological situations he had put me through all these years and his consistent comments that all government officials are in his pocket is worrisome.

“I will be attaching the DNA results as done by him and the one I personally did to authenticate what was sent me and will be open for questions where possible. The DNA done in Europe proved 99.99% positive. While the DNA remains an issue the most cardinal issue is the rape and humiliation Oniyama put me through.

“The government of Liberia must know that Dr. C Nelson Oniyama is a rapist and has no dignity or is he fit to be consulate of an Embassy in our country or even run all these corporations, he deserves being behind bars and exposed and made to respect Liberian officials.

I go through pain everyday looking at my beautiful four  years old daughter who for a significant portion of her life, we been fighting for justice but everywhere we turn, the media, the government and the medical institutions and legal have all failed us. People mostly care for themselves than the lives of the innocent. Once Oniyama gets them bribed they are done with my case, that’s why I am doing this open letter.”

It is not known when the case will resume.

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