Rural Women Urged To Uphold Peace

By: Washington Tumay Watson –

 MONROVIA-The Established Coordinator of Angie Brooks International Center, Cllr. Yvette Chesson-Wureh has urged rural women and the youth of Liberia to uphold the peace of the country.

Cllr. Chesson-Wureh said that the peace and stability of the country is in the hands of the women and the youths mostly during the upcoming 2023 general and presidential elections.

She was speaking Friday during the closing of the Eminent Women Training Activities in Gbarnga City Bong County, under the project title: Sustainable And Inclusive Peace In Liberia Through Promoting Women Leadership And Participation In Civic And Political Life And Their Strengthened Role In Conflict Resolution.

The Women advocate told the Women   who have undergone the Eminent Women Training Activities to do away with what she called fear to speak out on those vital issues that will protect and maintain the peace of the country.

“After we have witnesed the progressive transformation in you, we want to say that is the work that we came to do to see the change in you, for you to step out to the place. We came here to know ourselves, to tell of fear and stories, to sit down and say I will take the peace of this country into my hands, “she indicated.

Cllr. Chesson-Wureh said Liberians  have to take  the peace and stability of the country seriously because those of the United Nations are not coming back to Liberia  to provide the peace and security of the country during  the 2023 elections, stressing that Liberians have to take  the peace of the country by themselves.

“The people tired with us so we have to do it ourselves, the politicians’ children are not here, they are in America and Europe, “she told the women.

She further told the Women of Bong County not to take the money and assorted food items from politicians’ because of their votes, but to make the best decision that will transform the country.

The Established Coordinator of Angie Brooks International Center did not relent in taking key positions in their various political parties and do away with chairlady’s business within the various political parties and groupings.

She said it is vital for the women to take on positions that are fully for decisions making and not to only be subject to the charlady’s position in those political parties.

Cllr. Chesson-Wureh advised   the youth of Liberia not to allow politicians to use them as militants indicating that those politicians who will ask them to serve as militants for their political movements or parties   to first allow their children (politicians’) to be at the front of the militants.

She expressed gratitude to the women   for taking advantage for the opportunity   to undergo the training.

At  the same time, the Board of Directors, Chairperson of Angie Brooks International Center  Olubanke King-Akerele  told  the women  that  the training was part  of their efforts  of eminent women  to prepare  them  for leadership  in their communities  and at the national levels.

According to her, leadership is not only based on academic, but is inclusive of learning from the experience of those eminent leaders.

King-Akerele further urged the women to take the responsibility of leadership in representing their county at the legislature and other governmental positions.

She disclosed that ABIC is looking forward to work more with Cuttington University to reactivate the Chief Suakoko Center that is intended to train women.

One of the eminent women and chairperson of Montserrado County Rural Women Korpo Howard called on the women of Bong County to rise and work in the interest of the country through acquiring mentorship skills in leadership.

She urged the women to always work along with ABIC for their capacity to be built no matter how they are uneducated; making example of herself.

She expressed gratitude to the ABIC leadership for providing such an opportunity   for the women of rural Liberia.

The Women of Bong County then appreciated Angie Brooks International Center for the eye opening lifetime education in leadership and peace building with in their respective communities and towns.

Madam Tenneh Francis  of Salala, disclosed  that  they are now fully knowledgeable  of  their role  within  the communities and how  to mitigate peace.



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