Runaway child rescued in Nimba…. Says he was running from grandma to walk to mother in Monrovia

MONROVIA- A 14-year-old boy called “Success”, who was seen travelling on foot to find his mother in Monrovia, has been rescued and handed over to the civil authorities in the township of Kpain in Lao Chiefdom, Meinpea-Mah District, Nimba County.

Wearing a campaign t-shirt of newly-elected Nimba County Senator Jeremiah Koung and his backer Senator Prince Johnson, the child had travelled from Sanniquellie and gone past the commercial city of Ganta when a curious lady came across him and took him to Kpain where he is currently in the care of the town chief and officials.

The boy told this contributor he had run away from bad treatment at the hands of his grandmother with whom he was living in Sanniquelle and was heading to Monrovia by all means to get to see his mother,  Madaline, whose location he did not quite know.

He said both his father and mother are  from the town of Karnplay, toward the border with Ivory Coast, but  right now his mother lives in Monrovia.

“My grandma was not treating me good, so I was going to Monrovia to my born-mother, I stopped seeing my mother ever since, I can’t remember the year” the fifth grader explained.

He has added to the family of the town chief for the more than two weeks he’s been there.

Jammed with the presence of the boy, authorities  have been shuttling him between the homes of the town chief and the Queen and Chairlady of the district, Mrs. Yei Sokpah-Cooper, as they all rally to ensure his upkeep.

After more than a week in their care, authorities in Kpain Saturday reported the boy to the police sub-station in the highway town of Sokopa, near the boundary with Bong County, to be documented and so that police authorities there were aware of his being in Kpain as they seek means to get him connected with his parents.

Looking after and caring for the boy has added to the constraints of Kpain people who are currently sending out calls for humanitarian assistance for victims of a rainstorm disaster that destroyed more than a hundred and twenty homes in the town two weeks or more ago.

Authorities of the township were over the weekend dispatching a delegation headed by Commissioner William T. Whenda, to meet the Nimba County chapter of the Liberia National Red Cross for urgent assistance.

They told this writer that since the disaster happened, there has been no government intervention. The only help so far has come from a few citizens of Nimba.

Fourteen persons sustained injuries in the disaster, including an 11-year-old girl who broke her leg. (Report by Jonathan Paye-Layleh)

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