Rotten dead body Removed

Duport Road Paynesville-The body of Ishmael Kamara, that got  rotten after staying  on a football field in Cowfield Duport has been removed by health authority , Deputy Information Minister, Eugene Fahghon told New Republic.

He said,   the order to remote the body was  given by the Minister of State Hon. Nathanial McGill after reading the story.

“When  heard that, I went straight to the Chief and informed him about it. He immediately instructed for the body to be removed,” he said.

“The minister  gave directive that the body be removed from there immediately.  He said  nobody should be left in a place for three days before removal. No one knows what killed that person,” he  quoted minister of State as saying.

“No one can determine if a person is dead or not except medical practitioner.  No one should  say a person is dead except  such body is taken to the hospital for a determination to be made by a medical person.  Some people can become unconscious for some time,” he quoted Minister McGill  as saying.

Meanwhile, residents in the Cowfield community have commended the  minister  of state for his prompt intervention.

“We want to thank the  Minister of State. But  it should  not reach to such level when the police is here or the health people are here to  take action,”  one resident,  Anthony said.

The Chairman of the community, Cyrus  Gweh thanked the minister and said his intervention was timely.

It can be recalled that  Ishmael body was seen in the community this week.  The police said the body would remain there for three days before burial. But when the community members asked the police for removal,  they responded told the leadership to remove the body as they were unable to  effect  the removal due to technical and logistical constraints.


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