‘Ripe’ For Crisis


The current political wave which has led to demonstration and arrest of protestors has been seen as a recipe for chaos; that all stakeholders need to work hard to reject any potential crisis that may arise.

“The country is getting poorer than it was before. Many of the agencies are in arears with their staff.   It tells you salaries are not coming on time,” Mr. Dan Sayeh, political leader of the Movement for Economic Empowerment(MOVEE) told this paper recently in an exclusive interview.

He added, “You have real problem in the country especiallyincentives that are necessary to feel the country are not there.”

He continued: “We are in a kind of troubling situations.   Researchers have seen that.”

“The circumstances have shown to expertsand conflict studies all the triggers for crisis are ripe.  That is why we must manage the country carefully. The unexpected may happen,” he said.

He added that in a country where hopes are declining and everything in the country is running on hope. They are unable to make projections; they do not know what their projection will be. There are real serious situations that need to be addressed.

Recently, there were anti-rape protests which affected major parts of the city. Police later moved in to disburse the protestors after security officers said, the demonstrators obstructed free movement of people.  A number of arrests were made.

Weah may not be in Charge:

According to Sayeh, he thinks that President Weah may not be in full control of the affairs of the country. He did not however say who will be in charge.

“The way the country is proceeding, it seems not to be in charge of the state. We see in street corners the population   of Zogosincreasing.  Things are not well. Before, you used to see them in Monrovia, but now, you see them in almost every village and town. These are signs of unhealthy situations in the country. Poverty is on the increase in the country,” he said.

We are unable to feed ourselves. Our economy to a large level is in the hands of foreigners. The 16 businesses set aside are being compromised on. This is troubling issue that seems to be addressed. Those in wholesale, are on retails. Parents are unable to pay fees,” he said.

Everything that needs to be in the society are not really non existent. It means, politicians, activists, the media, we all need to work hard.

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