Resist Racial Action against Domestic Violence

By Washington Tumay Watson –

MONROVIA-The Federation of Borough comprised of hundreds of Women has reinforced their awareness for the government and other stakeholders to take radical action in addressing domestic violence against women, girls and boys across the country.

The Women sounded in one voice for such action to be taken by the government and stakeholders on Thursday, April 28, 2022 during a program marking the peace match advocacy awareness of the Borough of New Kru Town on the Bushrod Island.

Serving as keynote speaker during the awareness program,  the Chief  Executive Officer and Proprietor of His Grace Children School, Celine Gboboh said women are living  in fear due  to domestic violence perpetrated by heartless men.

According to her, heartless men most often perpetrate violence against their women by beating on them; sometimes it results to death or serious injury.

She urged women who are victims of such not to continue with that relationship.

Madam Gboboh further challenged women across Liberia not to allow   their men to beat on them in the name of relationship.

“Most of the time the little girls are being raped and their parents like to compromise such case, it is not good because rape is an international crime“, she indicated.

The Chief Executive Officer and Proprietor of His Grace Children School urged parents not to compromise rape cases for family relationships or connections.

She also called on Parents not to engage into domestic violence against their children mostly step children.

“It is about time that violence against women in all forms must stop now”, Madam Gboboh said.

The Women human rights advocate described men who are involved in perpetrating violence against women as brutal.

“ Women do not accept  violence against you  by your her husband or boyfriends, and parents, you need  to talk  to  your children regarding violence  against women  and  children”, she indicated.

Presenting  a position statement  the president Federation of Borough of Women  Georgia Baryor  called  on  the Liberian Government  to reduce  the registration fees  for women  who are  preparing   to contest  in the upcoming representative  and senatorial elections.

According to the women their voices at the legislature are low due to the under representation of women.

She said the women are also calling on the government to provide free educational opportunities for women to study at any university both locally and internationally.

Madam Baryor   said the government must ensure that Women are protected and ensure that women’s rights are not violated.

Again, the Establishing Coordinator of Angie Brooks International, Madan Yvette Chesson-Wereh encouraged the women of Liberia to do what they are able to do as a means of improving their lives.

She said  it is vital for women  to take responsibility  through a decision  that  will not make  them liability,  and subject  themselves  to men   who  will not respect  their  dignity as a women.

“If a man is violating your rights in the home walk away from that home”, she said.

She wants woman to take concrete stands against domestic violence that include rape.


Cllr. Chesson-Wereh further expressed concern relating to the protection of women, girls and boys who most of the time are raped due to the lack of safe place in the country.

She also challenged women to go for their dreams, emphasizing that they should not allow anything to discontinue them from achieving their dreams of acquiring education.

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