Rep. Samson Wiah Gets Stronger Ahead Of 2023

MONROVIA-The Re-election bid of Sinoe County District two Representative Samson Wiah is increasingly receiving a formidable boost ahead of the General election in 2023.

Following what many terms as his impactful work lawmaker Wiah has done over the short period of time in the district, a strategic political planner and chairman of former Representative hopeful Abraham Sakpah Dennis, Augustine Tarpeh on Wednesday, February 16, 2022 officially declared his support to join Representative Samson Wiah’s team.

According to him, you can’t Change the pilot in the middle of the flight.

Mr. Tarpeh speaking when he declared his support for Representative Wiah’s team,  stated that he is convinced by the tremendous contributions their current lawmaker has made in the district since taking over the mantle of authority to represent the people of District two, Sinoe County.

The political strategist named peace, unity, and reconciliation among the people of the district, educational and youth empowerment as well as equal distribution of job opportunities within his district office among others, as some of the landmark initiatives that grab his attention to joining the formidable team.

“Today is another historic day in my life, I have come to join a team whose vision are similar to ours and they are driving in the right direction as such, no need to hesitate but to join in and support the drive for the betterment of our people “, he added.

As an influential individual and a political strategist within the district, Augustine promised his new home to give his all, noting that he is joining a new team not as an individual but as an institution thereby bringing on board like minds who share in the vision to help transform the lives of the constituents.

“Politics is dynamic and also mathematics as such, I have landed in the right area”, he emphasized.

Tarpeh then encourages his new boss to see the need to advocate the re-visitation of the Hummingbird Mining Agreement to ensure that it benefits the people.

Additionally, he emphasized the need for the inclusion of Town Chiefs and elders on the government’s payroll, something that has been repeatedly stressed across the local government levels especially during the recent Citizens engagement County tour.

Well in a happy mood, the developmental-oriented and people-centered Lawmaker, Samson Wiah welcomes  Tarpeh to his new home and urged him to bring on board all of his expertise in order to move the district forward.

As a practical and result-oriented politician, Representative Wiah with immediate effect and with the overwhelming support and approval of his office staffers appointed Augustine Tarpeh as Strategic planner on his team, something Tarpeh with humanity accepted to the core.

The Sinoe District two Lawmaker reechoed his mission to work in the interest of his people with a focus of transforming their lives.

Ahead of the 2023 elections, incumbent lawmaker Wiah is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring his re-election bid especially with the implementation of more projects, programs, and activities intended to convince the hearts of the people and electorates to have him retain his seat over other Representative hopefuls.

He was recently elected in a by-election following the death of tough-talking former Representative Jay Nagbe Sloh.


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