Rep. Gray Clawed

By: R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-The Liberia National Police (LNP), over the weekend released over 20 Youths of District number eight imprisoned by Representative Acraous Gray for alleged disorderly conduct and threat.

The police’s decision to release those youths was due to intervention by a Representative Aspirant of the district in person of Prince Toe.

Toe over the weekend filed a valid criminal appearance bond at the level of the Liberia National Police to secure the release of the defendants after Representative Gray failed to show up for preliminary investigation.

The District number eight Lawmaker jailed the defendants over multiple offenses ranging from disorderly conduct to death threat.

According to information, Gray has gone into the district in the Soniwien Community, at which time a team of young people grouped themselves demanding the Lawmaker to present their district’s report as done by other lawmakers across the country; in the process, Gray got angry and ordered their arrest.

The youth through their spokesperson threatened that Gray’s days are numbered as they are going to do everything with their power to ensure he is retired comes 2023.

“We will continue to demand our report wherever we see Gray, until he can do the honorable thing,” Alieu Tikitaka Sesay.

They now see Toe as their savior who has demonstrated true leadership pleading to repay him 2023.

“Honorable Toe has shown that he is a good leader, he could have chosen not to come to our aid like others, but he abandoned his activities running around to ensure we are released today, it takes a real leader to do that,” Sesay noted.

At the same time, Prince Toe has termed as saddened, the action of Gray, noting that it is only important that Gray accounts to his people by submitting the district’s report as part of the reason why he (Gray) was elected.

“It is important as a failed lawmaker after 11 years, you need to provide a report. There are reports of Gray receiving some US$30,000.00 where all the money go,” Toe questioned.

Toe asserted that it was never disrespectful for the group of young people to have refused to hear Representative Gray out until he submits their report as the lawmaker is answerable to the people.

The district number eight aspirant dispelled rumors that those youth insulted Gray as claimed rather they (youth) are peaceful citizens of the district who only want the right things done by demanding Gray to provide the district’s report.

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