Rep. Domah Reelection Bid Swells

MONROVIA-Citizens of Boweh Town, Friends of Roger Domah (FORD) and other immediate communities in Nimba County Electoral District seven are not taking anything for granted ahead of the much anticipated 2023 legislative and presidential elections as they petitioned incumbent Representative Roger SWY Domah to rerun in 2023 elections.

In their petition statement read during an elaborate and exciting ceremony, the jubilant citizens recounted that in 2017 presidential and legislative elections, they overwhelmingly elected Rep. Roger SWY Domah as their Representative to the 54th Legislature of the Republic of Liberia.

They further recounted that at the beginning of his tenure in the year 2018, Rep. Domah embarked on a genuine reconciliation initiative to heal the wounds and strong feelings created as a result of campaign activities and to also set the stage for a reconciled and united district which has enhanced a common front in approaching district related issues.

“Whereas Rep Roger S.W.Y Domah has performed well in the discharge of his three cardinal constitutional responsibilities of Lawmaking, Representation and Oversight and as such has Co-sponsored the Act to establish the Nimba University, Old Age Bill, the Stand Alone Bill, the amended Drugs Law and also introduced a bill for the creation of Garwonpa Township and Miaplay Township respectively, thereby making him to be graded as one of the best performing lawmakers with a scorecard of A,” the citizens said in their petition.

The petitioners also said, “Whereas, in addition to his constitutional responsibilities, Rep. Roger S.W.Y Domah has hugely transformed District #7 at all fronts including, but not limited to the provision of scholarship and financial aid opportunities to thousands of students across the District, improvement of school infrastructure through the construction of the Sackor Public School in Bahn City, the construction of an annex to the Gbanquoi Public School, Construction of an Early Childhood Education facility in Garwonpa, donation of 225 bags of cement for the construction of the Bahn High School, donation of thirty bags of cement for the Construction of the Zoeluopa Public School, construction of an auditorium at the Bahn High School, donation of over twenty bags of cement for the construction the Gwehlay Public School.”

With huge excitement, the citizens outlined several development initiatives and full representation of district seven at the 54th     Legislature by Representative Domah since his election in 2017.

“Whereas, there is a need to continue on this path of an acceptable, accessible, capable and transformational leadership and to uphold this high pace of unprecedented legislative leadership; Whereas, in 2023, Liberians in general and the citizens of electoral district #7 will participate in presidential and legislative elections to fill in vacancies created as a result of tenure expiration,” they further justified reasons for the reelection of Rep. Domah.

They added “now, therefore, we the citizens of Boweh Town and the Friends of Roger Domah (FORD) here assembled, do hereby petition you, Rep. Roger S.W.Y Domah to contest for the seat of Representative of Electoral District #7, Nimba County, Republic of Liberia in the ensuing 2023 legislative and presidential elections for the reasons already listed.”

Responding to the petition, Representative Roger Domah filled with joy thanked his people and assured them that he will not make them shame, but will continue to make them proud and will remain humble and selfless.

Rep. Domah said, “People don’t trust politicians because of what some of them do.  They exploit the people because they are not true leaders. I didn’t know you been following my track records. I asked myself what I have done for them, but they said you don’t have to do something, we are following and we will support you in again 2023. I have gone to communities where cement turned to rock. Don’t hold on to your own development, work with us.  I am open to everybody. But there are propagandists.   I am open to everybody. I am under obligations to help everybody, let’s work together.  We want to say thank you to the citizens of Boweh and the Friends of Roger Domah for the petition and don’t relent because I will make you proud.  Don’t allow people to fool you again.”

“I won’t win on white ballot, but I will win.  I don’t walk by sight, but by faith. I have gone through a lot, but I have succeeded. We wholeheartedly accept your petition and we need to reactivate our mobilization,” he said.

During the program, Rep. Domah launched a solar light project in the town by lighting up the town for citizens to feel modernity as well.

“There is a project that we are planning, we should have launched it since, and we will launch it today. We used tiger generators to light towns, but today we will light a solar light today in Boweh.  The lights will be installed and we will move from one community to the community. Every village and town will benefit,” he added.


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