Rep. Aspirant Watkins To Construct Cafeteria


MONROVIA-Montserrado County Electoral District #10 Representative aspirant, Y. Solomon W. Watkins has broken ground for the construction of a cafeteria to benefit hundreds of students attending the Peace Island Community public school located in the Congo Town area.

Peace Island Community is commonly referred to as “540 Community” and is located in the Township of Congo Town, behind the US$60 million ministerial complex. The community got its named “540” due to the huge settlement of disbanded officers of the Armed Forces of Liberia who received US$540 as resettlement benefits.

The school at which aspirant Watkins has broken ground was constructed under the leadership of Representative Julius Berrian (the late).

The construction work for the cafeteria began on June 27, 2022 minutes after the ground breaking ceremony.

The project is expected to cost over 300,000 Liberian dollars with support from aspirant Watkins through the Watkins Initiative For Nations (WIN) in collaboration with the Student Council Government of the public school.

Student Mercy Sondah, President of the Peace Island Community School termed the construction of the cafeteria by Representative hopeful Watkins as a dream comes through for her leadership at the Peace Island Community Public School.

According to her, the Student Council Government has identified that during recess hours, students of the school would have nowhere to sit beside their class rooms to eat lunch. The worst case, she pointed out, is when rain falls, the students would have nowhere accommodative, a problem which the Student Council Government has purposed to solve in consultation with the school’s administration, but to no avail until, the visiting team of Representative aspirant Watkins went on the campus for an assessment.

“A team from Watkins had come to conduct assessment for the construction of a palaver hut project, after carrying out donation of umbrella and other accessories amongst students and residents of this community. Our visited also enable us to put the students’ plight ahead which surrounded the construction of our cafeteria project. The good news is in less than two days, we received a call from Watkins that he will underwrite the cost of the project for which we have come to break ground. This makes me so proud of Watkins and don’t know what to do this afternoon as we break ground with the intent to commence work today,” Student Mercy noted.

Earlier, welcoming aspirant Watkins on the school campus, the principal of the Public School, Madam A. Yeepleah Nuhn thanked Watkins for aiding the students in the construction drive of a cafeteria.

She told the student populace that Watkins has been a man of his word and if he says something, that’s something to trust, as such, his pledge to construct the cafeteria for the students, should not be taking lightly.

“I know you! and have been hearing a lot of good things about you. You someone who keep your promise to residents of our community and District 10, for this reason, I can say this project will be constructed and we all will be proud very soon,” Principal Nuhn maintained.

Also, the Montserrado County Electoral District # 10 Representative Aspirant, Y. Solomon W. Watkins vowed to do more for the student community and residents of Peace Island (540) as well as all other communities of District #10 at any given time.

“I am glad that all of these good things are being said about me by people of our district. We appreciate the student community and will do all in our powers to protect your interest as always. Let me say to Mercy that before your leadership thought about reaching out to us, we have seen the construction of the cafeteria and the palava hut as needs based on our previous visit on your campus. But the good news is, you have made a choice, for this, we have all gathered here to do what we are asked to do. Let me promise our students and residents of District 10 that we will stand to support you as always.  Let’s go and break the ground,” Watkins averted.

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