Religious Tolerance Essential For Peace

…Weah Tells Muslims At Black Jina Mosque

President George Manneh Weah has sermonized the importance of religious tolerance as an essential element to the maintenance of peace and harmony in Liberia.

Religious tolerance, he said, fosters cohesive leadership and singular national purpose necessary to provide the opportunity and platform for people of diverse beliefs to co-relate and cohabitate in the national interest.

Speaking Friday, July 21, 2023, at the Thanksgiving & Intercessory Service held at the Black Jina Central Mosque in Jacob Town, President Weah asserted that his belief in both Islam and Christianity helps crystalize his receptiveness for religious tolerance.

“I grew up in Gibraltar and had the opportunity to attend Islamic School, while my grandma taught me the doctrine of the Christian faith. All of this has helped me to espouse religious tolerance,” President Weah told Muslim worshippers.

He said that when Christians and Muslims live together as one, peace is bound to take root, and the country prospers.

He added that while in Israel,  he was taken to a site  where people of all faiths including Muslims, Christians, and Jews  go to pray, something which he said  means that “we all can live together and love each other.”

President Weah called on Liberians to unite in protecting religious diversity and national harmony towards making Liberia, now at 176, a great country.

The President also appealed to Liberians to demonstrate the highest maturity during the October 10 polls by voting peacefully so that Liberia’s credential as the oldest African independent country is not shattered.

President Weah thanked the people of the Islamic faith for the love they continue to show him while urging them to remain law-abiding, peaceful, and contributive to the development of the country.

He told the worshippers that he is part of them, that they are his family, emphasizing that it is because of their support and their vote, that he was elected president in 2017.

President Weah told the Islamic worshippers that more and more Muslim children needed to be given greater learning opportunities to enable them to harness their potential and become better citizens by contributing to the well-being of society.

Thanksgiving and Intercessory Service are part of activities earmarked for the observance of the national independence

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