Reject PYJ 2023

Rep. calls on Nimba voters

By: Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9@gmail .com

MONROVIA-Nimba County District #8 Representative Larry Younquoi  has commended the United States government for imposing sanction on Senator Prince Johnson and is also calling on the same government to ensure that he does not take part in the election.

More importantly, he  has called on his county electorates to reject Senator Johnson in 2023 presidential and legislative election.   That his election will affect the county; hence  he should be rejected.

(Larry Yonquoi)

“We also want for the US government to prevent him from contesting in the 2023 election,” he said.

Rep. Younquoi has been a strong opponent to Senator Johnson. According to him the decision by the United States Government is in the right position and timely as a means of relieving    the people of Nimba County from political bondage.

According  to him, senator Johnson  has over  the years been having  his political kneel on the neck  of  the people of Nimba,  thus preventing  them from many developmental benefits .

He said  most of the time  for  the citizens  to make  their independent decision, especially during  the county sitting  of  which   the County Project Management Committee   is  to be elected, senator always imposes  his choice on the people  with  the saying  that he has  the final decision  with the backing of the president.

The Fearless lawmaker told the media Wednesday    in Paynesville that those information inscribed within the United States government statement are all factual.  According  to him,  are  those are doing  of Senator Johnson  over  the years.

The Nimba County District #8 Representative wants the United States Government Sanction on Senator Prince Johnson to also prevent him from contesting the 2023 senatorial elections during the general and presidential elections.

He further said  there  is a need  for  them as policy  makers of the county   to inform  the  citizenry  about  the negative effects  it will have  on the county developmental progress  if  they reelect senator Prince Johnson  who  has been placed on sanction.

The Alternative National Congress lawmaker  said  it will be a serious setback  for  the county   if   the citizens  reelect  Senator Johnson mostly  with country  international partners  including  the united states of America.

Representative Younquoi further said Senator Johnson has misused the opportunity   and respect from the people of Nimba with the return of insults.

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