Reject Fake Life Politicians

-Rep. Foko Urges Liberian electorates

By: Washington Tumay Watson –
MONROVIA-Montserrado County District #9 Representative, Frank Saah Foko has vowed not to live a fake life like some of his allies who he said after their services at the Legislature or other branches of the government are unable to upkeep their living stander.

Representative Foko said living with his constituents with a simple style is key to the principle of a good and patriotic lawmaker not willing to live a fake life. Representative Foko spoke Sunday September 5, 2021 when the leadership of the GSA Road Community Association awarded him as Peace Ambassador for his role being played in the peace and stability of the Liberia.

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Lawmaker used the event to urge Liberian electorates not to honor politicians who will not empower them, but distribute bags of rice during campaign periods.
Representative Foko challenged electorates to reject the distribution of rice from politicians but request for empowerment through vocational and technical education for the young people.

“If they bring their rice during elections, tell him or her to take the rice back and provide empowerment for the young people , with that you will be showing your value as people” he said.

The Montserrado County District #9 Representative encouraged community residents to maintain their values by refusing politicians who will only build toilet and hand pumps with other community projects only to persuade them for votes.
“Do not vote for any politician who will not empower you before elections” Representative Foko said.
He added that as a patriotic Liberian who is willing to lead the people should focus on supporting the human resource capacity through vocational and technical education.

Representative Foko used the event to encourage the young people to make use of vocational skills as a means of empowering his or her self and not to only focus on university or college education.
The Montserrado County lawmaker called on Liberians to develop nationalism by ensuring that the country is peaceful noting that it is time for Liberians to build the country on the path of peace and unity.

“Today in this country, government has come, government has passed, government will go and government will come but who remains? We remain, the way we conduct ourselves” Representative Foko indicated.
Speaking early, the General Chairman of the GSA Road Community Association Dave Fokonyulu said the leadership bestow and presented certificate to Representative Frank Saah Foko for his role play in sustaining peace and stability of the country.
Mr. Fokonyulu however disclosed that the leadership honor residents of the 16 communities including organizations for their contributions to the transformation of the GSA Road Community.

During the program, a member of the GSA Road Community Association’s Elders Council, James Leaman praised the leadership for undertaking developmental projects especially the community hall for the overall good of the residents.

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