Red-light Marketers Get NTR

By: Mark B. Dumbar (Intern)

MONROVIA-The Liberian Government through the Liberia National Police has finally detached marketers from the commercial hub of Redlight located in Paynesville.

During the police operations Monday to ensure that the marketers are relocated to the Omega Market, a mandate was given that all shops and stores should be closed, something that was fully adhered to by the officers.

The detachment of marketers from Redlight market was geared toward having free movement and space for the contractors who are working on the road to carry out their work according to the police Deputy Director for Operations Marvin Sarkar.

According to Police 102, the issue of removing the marketers from Redlight is also due to public safety.

The Deputy Police Boss vowed not to allow marketers to return to Redlight even after the completion of the road construction.

The Marketers are requested to move to the newly constructed Omega Market as declared by President George M. Weah.

“The Liberia National Police will remain at Redlight Market until all marketers are gone to Omega Market,” he noted.

.The Police 102 Sarkor further said that the police will make a show that the street of the Redlight will be free of marketers thus giving the contractors a free asset to carry out their work within time.

On Monday, February 7, at 7:30 a.m., the Liberia National Police were posted at every corner of Redlight to detach marketers.

Meanwhile, the detachment of marketers has alleged that officers of the Liberia National Police brutalized them.

Some of the marketers complained that the detachment from red light by the police has the propensity to undermine their businesses and livelihood.

One of the marketers Cecelia Weah “Selling my market is the only hope of me surviving and sustaining myself and my six children that are in school’’.

She further said that the market can subdue her to the point that when she carries her goods to sell at red-light market police can walk into her goods knowing that the money she invests into the goods are more.

“Now my children are out of school, if I continue to sell at Omega Market, while my other marketers are in Redlight, I cannot realize anything from my goods”, she said.

However, the government’s decision to detach the marketers has been welcomed by some members of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and praised President George M.  Weah for the level of development, and for also improving the markets for the marketers in the Omega Community.

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