Rebellious Schools To Pay 200K Fine Each

By Mark N. Mengonfia –

MONROVIA-The government of Liberia is not taking lightly the third wave of Covid 19 thus putting into place measures to be on the safe side. 

With all the measures being instituted by health and education authorities and by extension by the government of Liberia, individuals who are expected to do the needful are doing the opposite.

This has made the government of Liberia to deploy security personals in the streets to ensure that citizens do in accordance with the regulation.

But things are not going as expected by the health and educational authorities.

Speaking Monday on ELBC Super Morning program, Education Minister, Ansu Sonii said, “Most of the time the places we have disrespect from in terms of these regulation is Montserrado County”

He said because of the disobedience postures of three schools in Montserrado County when it comes to the upholding the regulation put in place by the Ministry of Education.

The Education boss did not name the three schools that were fined 200 thousand Liberian Dollars each, but said  one of the schools had graduation for the kids, the other had gala day program while the other took the kids out for sporting activities against the what has been mandated by the MOE.

He said, the violators have been given the 21st of July 2021 to make payment or face the law.

“If they do not pay that fine, they will not reopen” the Minister of Education said.

He added that those who have heard the news of impassion of fines on schools and what to violate should know that their share of the fines will be huge.

“There is no reason for graduation” he said with more vigor in his voice.

He reiterated his previous pronouncement prohibiting schools from having gala day, sporting activities, graduation and other extra academic activities.

At the same time, the Education Minister said, 19th of July which Monday, third graders will write the West African Examination Council (WAEC), six graders are schedule for  20th  and 21th, and 22nd and 23rd ninth graders exams will be administered.

He said after they have completed their WAEC Exams in July, the first 10 days in August the students will take their final exams from their various high schools.

Sounding frustrated, the Education Minster said, “I just want this academic program to just end so they can just go home and sit down.”

From the tone of the minister, it appears like after this academic year and if there is no improvement in the fight against Covid 19, schools are not going to open any time soon especially with the hard time the minister is facing in regulating school administrators.

In another educational news, the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Education with funding from the World Bank Improving Result in Secondary Education (IRISE) Project is poised to construct modern Senior Secondary complexes in Gbarnga City, Jorquelleh District, Bong,  Gompa City,  Nimba,  and  Kakata Margibi Counties.

The ministry says it is seeking to establish the ownership of the law or wants any party, organizations, individuals, or legal entity having issues or concerns regarding the ownership of the property, or any objection to the location of the project are hereby advised and encouraged to hotline 1416 or send an email to to register their concerns within 30 days.

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