“Reach Out To The Needy”

By Mark N. Mengonfia mmenginfia@gmail.com

Kids at the Life Village were cheerful upon receiving ten bags of rice from members of the St. Matthew Lutheran Parish.

The group of Christians had gone to the Life Village Orphanage Home in the Omega Community as part of the celebration of their 23rd annual convention to identify with kids in that Home.

“We thought that even if you reach out to the needy and you help them, those needy will be able to come back in those infrastructures that you have built to be congregational members,” Dr.  Kumblytee L. Johnson, the St. Matthew Lutheran Parish Council Chairperson as she presented the Christmas gifts to the kids at the Life Village orphanage home in the Omega Community in Paynesville.

She indicated that there are kids who parents can afford to purchase anything of their choice for them, but said kids at orphanage homes do not have people to get them the best of gift for Christmas.

According to her, because of the condition of the kids, it is incumbent upon every Liberian to in their weak ways reach to those who are in need.

According to the Medical Doctor, the economic situation in the country is very challenging and as such; people who cannot afford should be targeted as receivers of benevolence.

It is in this direction that she indicated that while they were carrying on their convention plan, they saw the need to reach out to those who she said are really in need.

She indicated that in times like these, it is important to reach out to those that are in dying needs and not a person that will reciprocate you gifts with a gift that is even bigger than what you have presented to that person.

“This is how Christ people do. They always share with the needy,” she said.

The history of giving has not been a common among people who God has blessed over the years. Many of them rather helping those they will get a return from physically or one way or the other while; some have internal motive for what they do for people.

But the Lutheran Church in Liberia wants them to change their mindset about giving and be openhanded to kids on the streets, in orphanages and other places where their needs are more than what they have.

Upon receiving their Christmas gift from the Church, Jeremiah Doyah of the Life Village praised them for their kind gesture toward them.

He said, “We appreciate your gift and we pray that whatever that the resources had come from, that God will give it double.”

He went on to say,” you make us to remember what Jesus said in Matthew 24:7 that says when I was sick, and you visited me and I was hungry, and you gave me food to eat and the righteous will say we did not see you but where we saw you are we were able to give you food and Jesus aid because you did it to the less of my disciples…”

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