RAL Commends LNP


-For Charging Cllr. Charles Abdullai

The Reporters Association of Liberia (RAL) has welcomed decision by the Liberia National Police to charge Cllr. Charles Abdullai with Terroristic Threat and Menacing for reportedly threatening the life of FrontPage Africa Newspaper Reporter Bettie Johnson M’bayo.

The Liberia National Police finally sent Cllr. Abdullai to court after a week of investigation into the alleged acts of threats.

The Liberian Lawyer, according to FrontPage Africa Newspaper Management, used two strange cell phone numbers (0881790190/0777519212) to issue the death threat on the Journalist’s life.

Reporter Bettie Johnson-Mbayo is quoted as saying, “I received two separate calls from the lawyer, threatening to assassinate me from the day of the call to September 15, 2018, if I do not stop writing on his client”.

The reporter said the second call from the same Lawyer, (Cllr. Charles Abdullai) was heard threatening that one of her (Bettie’s) children will get missing, if she fails to slow down on reporting on his (Abdullai) client.

According to RAL, the conclusion of the LNP investigation clearly shows its willingness to ensure that Reporter Mbayo is giving justice.

Cllr. Abdullai was charged and sent to court by the LNP on Thursday September 6, 2018 for further prosecution.

Cllr. Abdullai was however requested to file a Criminal Appearance Bond by the court after lawyers representing him requested a pretrial conference.

At the same time, the reporters group noted that it is closely following ongoing legal proceedings at the Monrovia City Court.

The Reporters Association of Liberia has reemphasized that such death threat especially from a legal minded person who knows better, is grave and troubling in a country where secret killings are usually reported and should be given serious consideration by Liberia’s justice system.

RAL further informs its members, that the case was rescheduled for Friday, September 7, 2018 at 10:00AM.

The Association is in the same way calling on all of its members across Liberia to assemble at the Monrovia City Court on Friday, September 7, 2018 not later than 9:00AM to show solidarity to Reporter Mbayo.

Meanwhile, RAL has maintained its call to the Liberian National Police in providing security for the journalist and her family while legal proceeding is ongoing because the death threat from Cllr. Abdullai continues to expose her to danger.

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