Race To The Executive Mansion:

Who Is Best Suited For The Presidency?

By Journalist Morrison O.G. Sayon Cell: 0775107709 Email: morrisonogsayon@gmail.com

MONROVIA-Once again the wave of political tide is rising in the country with the expiration of President George M. Weah’s six years of leadership. Liberians are again gearing up to embark on another political journey to elect a new President and Legislators or to maintain the present administration as they go to the polls in October of this year.

This is the time that aspirants/candidates are coming with lots of promises to the electorates, they are in high gear to capture the nation’s highest office leaving no stone unturned.

But let us be reminded that whoever we put in this seat will determine how far we go as a nation. Our national decision must not be based on what is being offered by the aspirants/candidates during these elections period, it must purely be based on the qualities of a good leader; one who can adequately represent the country.

As citizens, it is incumbent upon us to examine the kind of leaders we will elect as our next President, we must know the kind of leadership we decide on, what is s/he bringing to the table, his/her quality/character, his/her understanding of the presidency, what kind of individual s/he is to become our next leader, his/her background and how prepared that person is to steer the affairs of the state for another six years.

It is no doubt that the field for the presidency is well crowded, with aspirants/candidates preaching various messages to convene the voters to elect them, some are coming with lots of things voters want, and others have begun giving loans to convene the voters cast their votes in their favor, while others are on the usual rice politics as a means of getting the voters on their side. Some of the aspirants are also building bridges in various communities and other infrastructures in the name of humanitarian gestures.


Mr. Cummings

On the other hand, some of the aspirants are riding on the backs of political parties to get huge votes while others are using their popularities to pull huge crowds; but who is well suited to occupy the nation’s highest office as president for the next six years; who should we elect this time around as our president?

We must weigh Aspirant/Candidates entirely against measures listed herein; we must hear from potential presidential candidates and ask lot of questions to gauge their true positions and capabilities. Never vote for anybody who does not tell you his/her plans and how s/he will achieve them.

Characteristics of a good leader of a country

A good leader should have integrity, self-awareness, courage, respect, empathy, and gratitude. They should be learning agility and flexing their influence while communicating and delegating effectively.

The role of a president is tenfold. It requires you to be a legal scholar, a philosopher, a social and developmental economist, a diplomat, and an environmentalist; in essence, a person wanting to be president must be a well-read, well-rounded individual who is tested and comfortable with making executive decisions. The president fears nothing but the wrath of the people. The best person for the office is the one who has prepared all his life to occupy this position-exposure matter.

Certainly, the presidency is not a place for a flunky, especially in this 21st Century! S/he must fully understand the functioning of every government agency and the capabilities of those he appoints to lead and execute his vision, the rules and regulations governing these bodies, and especially the Constitution of the Republic. He is the HEAD, the Commander-In-Chief, on whose directives everything succeeds or fails. That person must have an actionable, national vision.



The presidency is a position like none other; not just anybody should be given such awesome responsibility especially when it is noticeably clear that s/he does not grasp the full weight and duties of the office. The presidency is not a joking matter; this is not where you put your friends or those you love or the celebrities you have come to admire. Remember that the lives of the people are dependent on the decisions they make.

This office is entirely reserved for the best and brightest among us, the very people with the aptitude, intellect, preparedness, and eagerness to actualize our national vision-people who can hold their own in the company of world leaders with confidence and the proper readiness to execute. S/he is our face, with an in-depth knowledge of our problems and our national aspirations. Whoever we put in this seat will determine how far we go as a nation.

Moreover, the president’s responsibility increases daily-the extent to which that responsibility grows will depend on how well s/he plans to lead. Gauge the person’s, time-tested preparedness skills. Is this individual willing to set aside his ambitions to entirely devote his efforts to the affairs of the state? Is s/he willing to put the interest of the state far above partisanship and relationships?

Good Leaders Are Made, Not Born.

First, we believe that leaders are made, not born. Put another way, leadership is a skill that can be developed. Good leaders are molded through experience, continued study, and adaptation. So you can strengthen any of these characteristics of a good leader if you’re open to growth and you put in the time and effort toward self-improvement.

Collaboration Builds Strong Leaders.

It’s also essential that those who opt to lead us as presidents realize that leadership is a social process. It’s less about one strong or charismatic individual and more about a group of people working collectively to achieve results together. If you demonstrate several of the characteristics of a good leader but fail to grasp this key point, chances are you won’t get very far on your own. You may be well-liked and respected, but it will be challenging to accomplish team or organizational goals.

Also, those who aspire to become our next president must know that leadership isn’t a destination, it’s a journey-it’s something that you’ll have to work at regularly throughout your career, regardless of what level you reach. Different teams, projects, and situations will provide different challenges and require different leadership competencies to succeed. So you will need to be able to continue to apply these leadership characteristics in different ways throughout your career. Just keep learning and growing, and you’ll be an agile learner with a long career.

In building external relationships with other nations of the world, the President must also demonstrate considerable skill and experience as a communicator and negotiator and must possess the diplomatic dexterity, political savvy, courage of convictions, self-awareness, and exquisite judgment necessary to become a good president. To be continued.

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