MONROVIA-Some elders of Nimba County have frankly told Senator Prince Y. Johnson that they are supporting President George M. Weah instead of former Liberian Vice President, Joseph N. Boakia.

Senator Johnson in a conversation with some elders of Nimba County said, “My elders I want you all to follow me to Unity Party because it is in our interest.”

According to the conversation, the senator told the elders that they all know that he has always been for Nimba and anything he tells them, they all are supposed to believe it.

“I have been with the President and now I am telling you all it is not good for Nimba” the conversation quoted the Senator as saying.

According to one of the elders who informed this paper, the senator appealed to them several times.

“I beg you elders trust me one last time. This is the same PYJ that fought for you all. Is this how Nimba will remember me?  The road President Weah is building in Nimba is not for Nimba alone. This is the road to South East and other counties. We are benefiting only because we are in the middle of the country.

The conversation went on by saying, “You all don’t make me shame or carry me to my early grave! If my own county rejects me then what will I be living for. Koung is your son. Old man Boakai is old and sick. When he leaves Nimba will be in control of the country something we all have been fighting for.”

A respond from the elders was not favorable for the Nimba County Senator.


The Senator was slammed by the Nimba County elders who refused his offer on grounds that five years ago, he (PYJ) went to them and pleaded for support for than Amb. George M. Weah, now president of Liberia.

“We did and he has been good to Nimba. Everything is not perfect but he has shown us some serious development compared to other counties. Why should we be ungrateful to him now?” one of the elders asked a rhetorical question.


According to them, they know that PYJ has always been there for Nimba, but they were quick to say, “Nimba too has rewarded you for 18 years.”


According to the elders, they are willing to even prepared to reward him additionally by giving him additionally years to him as Senator of that County, but not to support for VP Boakai as he has requested of them.

“Your reward is not to tell us that which we have eyes to see for ourselves. We don’t see why we should turn our back on the President. The president has only shown Nimba love. And he has shown you love too. Rethink what you are doing. We cannot destroy Nimba because of you” another elder remarked.


Speaking about the point made by Senator Johnson that one of their sons, Jeremiah Koung was in the race and that they should support him, the elders’ responders by calling on him to stop that stating, “Stop this Yealue! This is not the way for a son of Nimba to get to power. To pray for someone to die first? Our son Tehwon Gongloe is in the race. Why are you not telling us to support him? Is it because he is a Mano man? Are we all not from Nimba? Is it because he is not from your party the MDR? How are we going to build Nimba Unity if you are dividing us like this?”


According to them, President George Weah’s mother too is from Nimba, from Gbe and Doro.

According him, it was PYJ who said that they should support Weah and to come back to them with such a request was nothing they can accept.

“You and J Koung have been supported by this President. If we the Nimba people follow you and Koung, we will be painting a bad picture of the Nimba people: that the people of Nimba cannot be trusted and their words are not their bond.


Accordingly, they said for five years, “We gave President Weah our word. If we left him because of you then who are we? Stop what you are doing to Nimba! You cannot control this Great County and people like a play toy.

“You go west we should go! Then when you change to east, we should follow you even if the reason is not good? What is good for Nimba is good for PYJ” one of the elders said.


The elders furthered by saying what is good for PYJ might not be good for Nimba.

“We are Nimba and we are telling you to go make peace with the President. You disobeying us but saying we should follow you! We will not destroy the reputation of Nimba. We are staying with President Weah and we will show him and the Liberian people that Nimba and its people are loyal” another elder said.


This could not be confirmed nor denied by Senator Johnson as calls to him were not answered. However, he called this paper back. When his call was also returned, there was no answer.


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