PYJ Warns Police Director


MONROVIA,  March 22(TNR)-Nimba County Senator, Prince Johnson and a preacher warned Col.   Patrick Sudue, Inspector General of Police not to disturb his peaching as there was no directive to shut down any  Church in Liberia.

Director Sudue, on Sunday entered the Church, Faith Chapel of Christ, of Prince Johnson, located in Paynesville and ordered it shut after the senator was preaching.

In a post on social media, Col.  Patrick Sudue was heard saying: “Sir, could you please listen to me too? I am talking to you as Senator of this country.”

But preacher Johnson said:“Mr. Director, please do not  disturb my church. Please sit down and listen to the word of  God. Please sit down. I am on the pulpit preaching the word of God.”

The IG added; “We are not disturbing the church, we are  just  enforcing the law that the government made.”  Preacher Johnson continued: “ I am preaching the word of God. Mr. police director, please do not disturb this church. You can see the benches empty. Well the president  did not tell you to close down church.”

This moved the IG to another level by saying: “Except the president can call to say that is not  so.” The senator  still not happy, decided to introduce  the law: “We have received no citation. Young man, the first thing you should have done is to let the house of legislature close. 72 lawmakers are down there meting every Tuesday and Thursday. 30 senators meet Tuesday and Thursday and you do not have  he power to close the legislature but you have the power to close  down the house of God? Is that what you want? The president did not give that order in his annual message.”

He later instructed the IG to sit and listen to his closing prayer: “But just sit down, we are about to close. We finished preaching about 40 minutes ago.”

In part of his closing prayer, he  thanked God in the midst of intimation and harassment from the director of police

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