PYJ WARNEDBy: Mengonfia N Mengonfia


Nimba County Senator, Prince Johnson has been warned by Grand Gedeh County Representative, Zoe Emmanuel Pennue, Sr. to stop bragging about killing the former president  of Liberia, Samuel K. Doe.

His warning was made known on Tuesday at the press conference at his Capital Hill office.

Senator Johnson, headed the Independent National Patriotic  Front of Liberia (INPFL); a breakaway faction from the National Patriotic Front of Liberia(NPFL) of former rebel leader, Charles Taylor.

Johnson, captured and killed Doe in September 1990 at the Free Port of Liberia following a visit by Doe to the port, which was under the command of ECOMOG, the West African military peace keeping mission at the time.

“Let my colleague Senator Prince Johnson stop  boosting about killing  Samuel K. Doe, he  told a news conference.

He called on President George M. Weah and other international partners to advise the Nimba county senator whom he said usually provoke the people of Grand Gedeh county.

According to him, “everyone regrets the sad days of the Liberian civil unrest which took away lives of approximately 250,000 and millions of property damaged.”

He said that it pains him when every time he hears the Nimba senator bragging  when he meets meets citizens of Nimba County.

He said since the years of civil unrest, many years have passed and it was not good for one to keep speaking about the death of another person, especially a president.

He sees it like removing the scars from the long time wounds.

According to him, Doe was his uncle  and listening to him say such thing,  gives him bad memories.

The lawmaker indicated that for the past years, citizens of those two counties have been co-existing and have intermarried as well.

He indicated that if the Liberian senator wants re-election, he should look for other means but not to include the people of Nimba and Grand Gedeh.

“The senator wants to cause problem for the two counties and this needs to stop because our children are going to school,” he said.

Representative Pennue continued:  “we the people of Grand Gedeh regret the civil wall. It was a civil conflict that people are still regretting this situation and we want to say sorry for all that happened”.

Commenting on the issue of the recent request at the legislature for the establishment of War and Economic Crimes Court he said that he has signed the resolution seeking said establishment.

Grand Gedeh and Nimba are the two counties whose citizens saw many deaths according to international reports.

Both the House of Representatives and the Liberian Senate have individuals who participated in the years of the unrest.  TNR

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