PYJ Rallies Support for Re-election 2023

MONROVIA-The Political ‘god father’ of Nimba County, Prince Johnson is taking the 2023 general and presidential elections seriously with early declaration for his re -election bid.

The Nimba County Senator  who  is seeking his  3rd term  at  the national  legislature  wants   the Citizens  to give  him  the   3rd  term based  on  his developmental initiatives  and proper  representation  in  the interest  of  the people of  the county over  the years.

According  to Reports,  the Political leader  of  the Movement For Democracy  and Reconstruction (MDR) called  the citizens  to support  him , based on  the building  of  the biggest university  in  the County  that will afford  the  citizens  to acquire university education.

Senator Johnson according to a local journalist   in Nimba County, appealed to the citizens during a reconciliatory and peace meeting with his supporters and former supporters in the county over the weekend.

Senator Johnson called for the citizens to reelect him early.  According to a local journalist, it is the first  of  this kind since 2005  up  to  the upcoming 2023 general  and presidential elections for him to make such statement.

The MDR Political leader is not strange of early campaigning for votes,  but always  brag   of his popularity  that he  is  the decision maker  of Representative  and senators  of  the vote rich county  of Nimba.

He however reaffirmed his support for the re-election of President George Weah in the 20 23 general and presidential elections.

Senator Johnson told the citizens of Nimba that his quest for them to support president Weah –re-election is based on his developmental projects across the country including Nimba County.

The Nimba County strongman is not contesting for the presidency due to his reelection as senator, something that prompted his decision   to support President George Weah’s reelection.

Senator Prince Johnson based on the constitution, allows a setting senator to contest the presidency and if defected, he or she remains in such capacity as senator.

Senator Johnson  has  made use  of    such provision  within  the constitution in two  previous presidential  run-off elections  as  the decision maker based on his support  from Nimba County.   Unlike  the upcoming 2023 presidential elections  of which  if  the voters  of Nimba decided not  to re-elect him such privilege,   will not be given him  to decide  who wins  the presidential run-off  in 2023.



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