PYJ Fears CPP In Nimba Senatorial Race?

-As Chairman Bility Clarifies

By: Washington Tumay Watson 

MONROVIA-Nimba County’s ‘political godfather’, Senator Prince Johnson’s reelection bid is causing serious fear among political actors in the senatorial race of the County.

One such political grouping is the Collaborating Political Party (CPP) that  has to clearly justified the reason for such a fear factor that the former political leader of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDG) Prince Johnson has allowed them not to feed a senatorial candidate in Nimba County in October 10 legislative and presidential elections.

The National Chairman of the CPP and a Representative candidate of District #7 Nimba County, Musa Bility said their decision not to feed candidates against Senator Johnson who fully supports the Unity Party was a political strategy. 

According to him, Nimba County politics is different from national politics in that if political actors do not understand the people’s mood, they will give you a political bloody nose.

Speaking on a political show, The SK TV, Mr. Bility said the CPP understands the political dimension of Nimba and from their data, Nimba Will give the CPP victory in the presidential race.

An unconfirmed report revealed that the CPP Chairman Bility and the political godfather of Nimba County have cemented an agreement not to feed a candidate against the CPP in District #7 and the MDR for the senatorial race.

The unconfirmed information noted that the CPP chairman was able to persuade the vetting committee not to include Nimba mostly for a senatorial candidate who is Prince Johnson.

Many Citizens described the CPP decision in Nimba and the justification by the National Chairman as fear and lack the political will to unseat Senator Jonson who is vying for the third time.

The Coalition for Democratic Change has not given credence to such political fear on the part of Prince Johnson by putting a   former rebel general, William Dou to battle Senator Johnson’s reelection.   

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  1. Ernest Ketter Jr says

    Williams Duo just want to fine means to get job , not to win , No one know him as Nimbanience , he is not a equal to our godfather.

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