PYJ Does not know his father’s grave

………says Rept Kogar

MONROVIA- Representative Samuel Kogar  of  district #5, Nimba County has said that senator Prince Johnson  of Nimba County  does not know his father’s grave.

Kogar, who  is said to  be  related to Senator Johnson have  been at loggerheads for years. At some time in the past, Senator  Johnson accused Kogar of loving  to his(Kogar) father’s wife; but Kogar denied.

At a press conference Rep. Kogar had this week in Ganta which was aired on  many radio stations said “senator Johnson does not know his father’s grave.  If he knows his father’s grave, let him come to show it.”

But in response,  Senator Johnson was quoted as  describing  Rep. Kogar as a  demon.

Johnson said his father’s grave site was destroyed by Rept. Kogar in his hometown, Gormaplay after he, Kogar took yellow machine  and cleared the cemetery to construct a market ground for the citizens in that place.

“If he(Senator Johnson) wants to  know his father’s  grave, he should come to ask him,” Kogar was quoted  as saying.

But Johnson  said his father’s grave,   was destroyed by Rept. Kogar. “Kogar is a demon,” Senator Johnson described Rept. Kogar.

But Senator Johnson said he was in Nigeria when Rept. Kogar destroyed   the commentary where his father’s gravewas so he could not realize his father’s grave

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