“Put Me On Firing Squad If”…

MONROVIA-Nimba County Senator, Prince Johnson says he should be placed on a fire squad if anyone produces evidence of him sharing innocent blood.

During his sermon last Sunday, June 27, 2021, Senator Johnson challenged those accusing him of killing civilians during the fourteen years of civil unrest in Liberia that took the lives of over two thousand citizens to provide evidence to that effect.

He mentioned that only soldiers who were under his control he dealt with for act contrary to their mission.

Senator Johnson is one of those warrant-factions in the country that are holding top positions in Government dispit their involvement in the war that witnessed the destroying of infrastructures among others.

The Nimba County Kingsman claimed he only killed his soldiers that were taking advantage of the situation to harass innocent people.

This, according to him, is reason why he and others went together to agree on what he term as white justice.

Prior to Johnson’s June 27, 2021 sermon, he previously said his actions during the war was due to the fact that other war actors were taking the lives of his tribal people and he had no alternative than to react.

Senator Johnson is also one person who is against the establishment of a war and economic crimes court in Liberia to have warrant factions or warlords account for their actions.

He thinks there is not a need to have such court established in the country as it would awaken old wounds as such retributive justice is the best way out.

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