Pull Them Out, If…

-Boakai Lashes Out; Sees Political Linkages, Incompetence & Unpatriotic People at NEC

By Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9@gmail.com

MONROVIA-Former Vice President and now Political leader of opposition Unity Party, Dr. Joseph Boakai has registered serious issues of no confidence in the present Board of Commissioners at the National Elections Commission.

The Board of Commissioners at the National Elections Commission has the constitutional mandate to conduct all national elections in line with its mandate.

It has conducted several elections that Unity Party participated in with its candidate winning without accusation on the part of the former vice president Boakai.

Addressing the media recently, following the Supreme Court’s ruling to allow the Unity Party’s Candidate to participate in the Lofa County senatorial by-election, former VP Boakai said, he has no confidence in the National Elections Commission as the way it is now.

The UP Political leader said he cannot hold back his feelings as it relates to how the commissioners at NEC are conducting the affairs of the country’s electoral body.

According to him, at the NEC, there are lots of political linkages, incompetence, and unpatriotic people who need to be pulled out of that integrity institution.

He said with those ‘incompetence and unpatriotic’ Liberians at the NEC, if they are not removed, the institution cannot lead the country’s elections in 2023 because of the lack of confidence in most of them.

The Unity Party political leader said the decision by the Supreme Court nullifying the exception of the UP candidacy in the Lofa County senatorial by-election is welcoming.

He further stressed the need to maintain the peace and stability of the country per the decision by the Supreme Court of Liberia is also marvelous in the interest of national peace and harmony.

The former VP extolled the Chief Justice of Liberia and the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court  for the decision that it will uphold the rule of law .

He, however, called on the National Elections Commission to act swiftly in full compliance with the highest court’s opinion, completing and formalizing the UP candidate’s registration to participate in the Lofa County By-election.

He said, if the NEC is to continue to enjoy the respect as an organizer, it must be up to the task by the decision they make to ensure fair and credible elections.

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