PUL Ends 57 Anniversary

BY:Washington Tumay  Watson-oonewash9@gmai.com

VOINJAMA-Members of the Press Union of Liberia and its developmental partners including the Liberian Government over the weekend concluded   the 57th anniversary in Voinjama City, Lofa County.

The Event  commenced   with a field trip  and  the Edward Wilmot Blyden Forum  in Foya City  and  that  of a parade  and  an indoor program.

Speaking  during  the official  event  in Voinjama City Lofa County,   Press Union President  Charles Coffey   said  through consultations  with  the leadership committee in  recondition and unity , the  station Manager  of Voice of Liberia, Sekou  sheriff suspension  was lift.

Mr. Sekou Sheriff  and other members  of  the PUL   membership  were suspended  by  the leadership  of  the Union   due  to unethical  acts perpetrated by  them 2018.

But  the Union’s president  said in consultation  with  the leadership  all  of  those members of  the PUL  who  have left  the Press Union of Liberia  to return  as a means of fostering peace and unity.

He further narrated  that  the Leadership  is concerned  on wages  of  reporters  across  the country,  especially during  these economic challenging  times.

Mr. Coffey  than motivated  the reporters  through  his address  that  the leadership  will work along  with member managers  and publishers  to make  the collective bargaining  becomes a reality.

He however urged the reporters   to continue upholding professionalism in the execution of their duties.

The PUL President while extolling  the Government  for  the level  of  cooperation   through  the Liberia National Police  on its investigation  regarding  police brutality against journalists,  the Police  were able  to adjudicate several cases  and suspend  those officers   who were culpable .

But he  called on  the Government investigative the  team headed by former Information Minister and now Adviser  to president George Weah  Laurence   Bropleh  to come out with  the outcome  of  their investigation  on security brutality against journalists.

It can be recalled when Liberian Journalists under the leadership of the Press Union staged a peaceful protest on the wave of uncontrollable brutality by state securities  and presented  a position statement  through a petition  to  President George Weah  and  the international community .

However, following the peaceful protest  by the Press Union of Liberia, President George Weah constituted  an investigative committee  headed  by Dr. Laurence   Bropleh Adviser  to president to look into the case. But it  is yet  to make public  its findings.

Mr. Coffey  also expressed gratitude  to president George  Weah  and  that  of his government officials   for  the level of support given  to the media,  but urged  the government  to continue  during business  with  the Liberian media  to make  them economically strong .

He also appreciated the Union’s Developmental partners for their support   through training.

During  the event , the Director General of the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority  and a son of Lofa, Chief  Moses Kollie  who was  the keynote speaker,  urged Liberian  journalists  to report  the facts  at all times.

He  said  the media plays a key role  in every sector  of  the country,  especially  in upholding  the democratic process  and sustaining  the peace  and  stability of  the country  through  their reportage.

The Former Lofa County Lawmaker   said “Enhancing  the voices of citizens and the government for sustainable Development,  which was  the “theme” of  the PUL 57TH Anniversary,   the media needs  to give  the citizens  the opportunity    for  their voices  to be amplified.

Mr. Kollie further committed his support  to work along with the media to ensure peace and development reign.

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