PUL Condemns the Humiliation, Attacks of Journalist Nyantee Togba

MONROVIA-Reporter Togba who was covering a protest was attacked and humiliated upon the alleged orders of Montserrado County Electoral District #17 Representative, Hanson Kiazolu.

The PUL in a release described the attack as shameful and unacceptable.

The Union maintains that Journalist Togba is protected by the Liberian Constitution statute and other international protocols to cover  protest anywhere in Liberia, with Representative Kaizolu’s home being of no exception.

The attack on Journalist Nyantee; while doing a live coverage of the protest was an attempt to censor the journalist for just doing his job.

Reporter Nyantee Togba according to official statement from Okay FM was attacked on live video while his pleads to identify himself as a journalist was rejected.

Pictures of Nyantee Togba later emerged on social media sitting on the floor among the protesters outside the compound of Montserrado County District #17 Representative Hanson Kiazolu.

Okay FM states that Reporter Nyantee’s phone used for the live coverage was seized by the mob acting on the alleged instructions of Rep. Kiazolu.

The PUL is therefore calling on the Liberia National Police to immediately launch an investigation into the matter.

The Union is shocked at the alleged action of the Lawmaker who took oath to protect the constitution and laws of Liberia.

The Press Union of Liberia is also calling on Liberian Journalists to remain steadfast in the face of threats, intimidation and attacks in the performance of their duty.

Meanwhile, the PUL is reviewing the facts and evidence available for possible legal action against those involved in the attack against the Journalist.




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