Public Works Set Records Straight

MONROVIA-The Ministry of Public Works is awakened to the Hot Pepper Newspaper’s Thursday, March 30, 2023 Edition titled: “Public Works Minister Undermines NRF”, as well as publications from several other local dailies, including GNN Liberia linking the Ministry of Public Works through its Minister, Madam Ruth Coker-Collins to “ Undermining the Renewal” of the Tenure of the Road Fund Manager, Boniface Satu.

The Ministry expresses with dismay the plethora of reportage that has permeated the Liberian Media in recent days and terms such narratives as unfortunate, despicable, and captive of responsible journalism that calls for accurate, balanced, and credible reporting standards.

As Minister of Public Works and the Chairperson of the Inter-Ministerial Steering Committee (IMSC) of the National Road Fund, she is clothed with the fiduciary responsibility to provide Policy Oversight of the National Road Fund.

Madam  Coker-Collins wrote Minister Samuel D. Tweah on March 20, 2023 drawing his attention including other Members of the IMSC to a review of the Performance Contract of the Road Fund Manager, Boniface Satu.

Pursuant to Section 4.3(3) of the National Road Fund Act of 2016, the five-year tenure of the Road Fund Manager ends this May 2023, and if care is not taken, a delay or violation of the Act may adversely impact the performance of the Road Fund Management.

The Ministry, therefore, deems as inimical the willful and unfounded propaganda contained in this reportage against the Chairperson of the National Road Fund and Minister of Public Works,  Hon. Ruth Coker-Collins.

The Minister of Public Works, as a crucial sectoral head and a major driver of the Government’s Road Development and Transport Facilitation Programmes, is committed to seeing the National Road Fund thrive in a bid to achieve socioeconomic deliverables in the best interest of the Government and People of Liberia in keep in with the rule of law.

The Ministry however encourages anyone seeking clarity on important matters to contact the relevant authorities, as assumptions are unhealthy and most readily amount to distraction.

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