Public Works Not Visible in Lofa

....Citizens Alarm over the abandonment of Public Works facility in Voinjama


By: Washington Tumay Watson   –

voinjamaSeveral Citizens of Lofa County, mostly within Voinjama City have alarmed over the invisibility of the staff of the Ministry of Public Works including the resident Engineer.

The Citizens told our reporter recently that  during  the Administration  of former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf ,  the Ministry of Public Works  was visible  with equipment  advisable  with in the compound  of public works  in Voinjama.

The Citizens however expressed regret over  the attitude by the Authority  of the Ministry of Public Works  for not taking  the county office seriously  stressing  that    the present  of    the county Resident Engineer  and staff of the Ministry should be available   within  the county something  that  is proving  to be insensitive   on  the part of the Ministry in  the area of road connectivity.

Most of  the citizens  said  the abandonment  of  the Ministry’s compound including  the residence of  the resident Engineer of the county, clearly provides  that  the Ministry  is not proactive  in  the county infrastructure    development especially road rehabilitation.

Additionally,  the Citizens described  the Ministry of Public  as Monrovia Based  Ministry  and not nationwide  indicating  that  they are not making impact  within  Lofa  county, especially  the capital  city Voinjama.

They  called on  the County Authority  including   the legislative caucus  to emulate  the people of Nimba County  efforts  to improve  their road network   to boost  their agriculture  products  and transportation  within  their county.

According to the Lofa citizens, the county Authority of Nimba and the legislative caucus through the delegates of their county seating agree to purchase earth moving equipment   through the Ministry of Public Works.

They Indicated  that With  the unity  of  the citizens  of Nimba County,   the government was able  to purchase those earth moving equipment   that  the Ministry of Public Works  is now using  to recondition  the various  roads  in Nimba, something  according  to  the Citizens of Lofa, needs  to be emulated  by  their county authorities.

The Citizens however urged those within power in the county to use the county development fund to purchase earth moving equipment for the county and not to build commissioner compounds   including motorbikes for commissioners.

The Citizens expressed  the hope that  the county authority  will work in  the best interest  of  them particularly  the county  roads connectivity.

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