“Public Officials Live on the State”

.…..MOVEE Chairman Dan Saryee discloses

MONROVIA-The National Chairman of the Opposition Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) Dan Saryee has revealed   that Liberia’s public officials live on the state than the state making allotments that will actually take care of the citizen’s developmental agenda.

He ascribed such action on the part of the government to the way how the country’s budget is structured, thus giving government officials more opportunities to benefit while the citizens are face with serious difficulties for those basic social and developmental necessities.

Speaking June 21, 21 on the Truth FM in Paynesville Mr. Saryee said the allotment that are intended to take care of   the citizens, especially   for   community development purposes, are conveyed through their legislators that are called legislative projects; including presidential projects.

He said the present conglomeration of the country’s budget that included legislative and presidential projects, attributing such action to politicization of the national budget.

The MOVEE Chairman said the manner and form through which   the national budget is formulated deprive the citizens of their social benefits from their resources and create a condition for the legislators to live on the state money and not for them to be innovative to crate means that will bring in funding for the country to prosper.

Mr. Saryee was speaking in reaction to the recent allotment of 15 thousands United States dollars to each of the legislators by the Ministry of Finance Development Planning   in the name of legislative engagement with their constituent.

According to him, Government  needs not to pay the legislators to conduct   their constituent engagements something, he said  the citizens need  to take  those who are  entrusted  with of the tax payer’s money to order, regarding  the uses  through  the budgetary allotments.

Saryee told the media that he detests such decision to allot the amount of 15 thousands United States dollars per a legislator only for constituent engagement.

He further indicated that such allotment should have been prescriptive, stressing, what should constitutes the kind of engagement, how the out port should be measure.



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