Protest In Glasgow Over Uses of Fossil fuel

By Mark Neywon Mengonfia, Glasgow,

United Kingdom- Glasgow- Seriously protest to save the world is also ongoing in Glasgow at the same time the Climate Change Conference is taking place.

The protesters have gathered to call on world leaders to ensure that their meeting in Glasgow, United Kingdom. doesn’t end with just talk, but actions should be taken to help rescue the “Mother Earth”.

On the protest scene,  people were seeing with placards with inscription such as: “Let the Tiger live” Love and grief for the Earth”.

Other writings they had on their placards to draw world leaders attention were: “Stop cool fired, Rampal power plant among others.

In an interview with some of the protesters, they said  their actions are intended to help save the world.

One of the protesters, Madam Green said, they have gone at the conference to express their love, dissatisfaction and grief for the world and that they want world leaders to address the issue by investing in protecting the environment.

She indicated that, ” I want to tell you what we expected, but I will tell you what we hoped and that we hope that governments stop investing in fossil fuel.”

Like the Liberian President, Madam Green said, it is the poor countries that feel the pain of increase in the use of fossil fuel.

She wants something tangible done to stop fuel usages in the world.

For the next few weeks, world leaders and party delegates attending the event are expected to come out with a resolution that will help save the world.




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