Protect Liberia’s Democracy

By: Washington Tumay Watson –

MONROVIA-The President  of  the Youth of Churches United For Christ , Gorge Flomo  has urged    Civil Society  Organizations to take  the lead  in protecting  the country’s democracy .

Rev. Flomo said   the time has come  for   human rights organizations    to intensify  its  advocacy  in the areas  of human rights  violations  and monitoring across  the country ahead  of the upcoming general and presidential elections .

Speaking in an exclusive interview Saturday, May 29, 2022 , the Youth Advocate  challenged  Human Rights organizations across  the  country  to formulate plans  that will focus on robust monitoring on pre-elections protests, peace and security.

He also called on the United Nations Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights to support human rights organizations that are in the lead of protecting the peace and stability of the country.

Rev. Flomo Said  with  the needy support  from international partners , he is of the strongest conviction  that  those  within the human rights sector    will intensively   monitor   those  basic international  human  rights  principles  and standers if  being observed  by  the government, mostly  the rights  to peacefully  protest and assembly including association.

Rev. Flomo  said,  if the human rights grouping will   only wait  for  the  elections   that most of the time associated with protest  and violence, they, as human rights advocate  will not be doing  good  for  the country’s democracy.

He  said,   it  is  the right  of   citizens  to peacefully protest  under  the international laws,  but  with a responsibility  for  the organizers  of   such  protest  to fully  inform  the public  on  their  activities  relating  to their protest .

The Human right advocate indicated    that contrary to their objective of staging   protest, the leaders of such protest will be held responsible thereof in line with the rule of law.

Rev. Flomo indicated that    the government has  the  responsibility  to provide security  for  the protesters   in line  with international protocols  on human rights .

He also called on pastors to play a role of mitigating for a peaceful conduct of the upcoming general and presidential elections.

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