By Melvin Zawolo Doloquee 

MONROVIA-Several girls believed to be sex workers, prostitutes, or ‘hobojo’ are expected to go to the polls to elect a new leadership that will enable them to set a price tag on commercial sex in Nimba County.

The girls, many of whom are from Nimba, Bong, Bassa, Margibi, Lofa, and Montserrado counties held a meeting recently in two cities in Nimba. Their meetings according to our correspondents who spoke with the leader only identified herself as  Mame said it was intended to have a proper leadership structure in place and more importantly, to have a set price.

“This meeting is to organize ourselves. Some of our girls are trade people and others are not. We want to set the price. Our meeting will be at the end of this month,” she said.

The pending elections of the girls according to their Acting head (Mamie) who spoke with our correspondent in Nimba County correspondent will enable them to get their leadership in the county.

Their first meetings were held in Ganta and Sanniquellie respectively and brought together young girls and women who are involved in such acts.

The young ladies refused to give the exact location of their elections saying that it was still in an early stage. They said at the appropriate time they will make it public.

At the same time, it is yet to be established as to whether a reprehensive from the National Elections Commission will be called to supervise the prostitutes’ electoral process.

Our correspondent said the meeting, quoting the head, brought girls from Monrovia who went to lecture them on the need to look at the charges and how to better organize themselves. According to her, there are similar groups in other countries where men usually go to ease their social tension.

It can be recalled that last year, during the Cabinet Retreat in Ganta City by President, George Weah, many prostitutes in that city were unhappy over the huge influx of girls from Monrovia to Ganta.

At some nightclubs and bars in Ganta at that time, many of them told our reporter that they were not happy for the huge turnout of other girls in Ganta. They complained that the influx of girls from Monrovia reduced their chances of getting potential customers for a good rate.

One of them remarked at that time that there were beautiful girls in Ganta and it was not good for girls in Monrovia to follow the delegations. They further complained that, unlike Monrovia, such delegations do not usually go in the county and as such, when they see them, they are certain of getting potential customers.

When the elections are completed, Mame said they will set a new rate. She said the lowest rate will be US$10.00 and US$30.00 and even above. But they will not encourage anyone to go below the price set.

She said, because they are not organized, some employees from Arcelor Mittal many of whom usually visit the clubs and bars to always pay them the low rate of around US$5 andUS$10.00 as they is no set rate for now.

“Some of us are not working and not going to school, so in the night, we get on the streets at night to get money to pay our children’s school fees, house rent, and feed ourselves,” Mame said.

Meanwhile, the Old Ganta General Market is now gradually becoming a center for sex workers as young women and girls are seen at night requesting men to have sex with them as low as L$200.

Since former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf declared the area as a disputed land, the government is yet to take any action.

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