Pro-Tempore Rubbishes Audio

Monrovia The Office of the President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate has described as disinformation, misinformation, and an act of dishonesty that discussions were held and captured on audio on solicitation of funds to facilitate the authorization of the printing of a new family of Liberian Dollar Currency. This is unacceptable and a complete violation of professional ethics of journalism.

A statement issued on Wednesday said the audio which is being played on Joy FM and its cohort stations is an old distorted, and disjointed audio played over and over last year by the very stations with similar intent to tarnish the good earned reputation of the Pro Tempore and the Liberian senate.

“The discussion being referenced to was on budget issues, specifically the overdue payments of funds to the Senate and the President Pro Tempore’s Office from their respective budget lines,” the statement said.

The statement also states that the matter of the very audio was reported to the Press Union of Liberia and the Liberia National Police in 2020.

Meanwhile, President Pro Tempore Albert T Chie is calling on the Press Union of Liberia to investigate the matter.

Senator Chie also expressed disappointment over the manner in which some journalists are misleading the public on the working of the Liberian Senate and urged journalists involved to desist.

 He reiterated that the repeated playing of an old distorted audio of a discussion of legitimate national budget lines payment held in April 2020 and now ascribed to demand for payments for the printing of new Liberian dollar banknotes a year later in 2021, is a wicked ploy intended to cast doubt on the CBL currency printing approval process which has been praised by the general public as excellent step by this Government to relieve them of mutilated Liberian Dollar banknotes.

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