President’s son killers arrested


MONROVIA-The police detachment in River Cess County has arrested both Alloysius and Emmanuel for the death of John Tubman in Fiama, Sinkor.

On September 22, 2021, the remains of John Tubman, son of former Liberian President Williams V.S. Tubman was discovered in a pool of blood at his  Fiama Community residence  in Sinkor.

Christian Byron Anderson, a nephew of the deceased and his associate Alloysius Garplah were  arrested on November 15, 2021, through a joint effort of residents of sand Beach community and officers of the Liberia National Police.

This comes two weeks after Anderson was declared wanted by the Liberia National Police as person of interest into the former president’s son gruesome murder.

As part of effort to have these suspects arrested, the Government of Liberia   announced a US$5,000 reward for information that would help authorities unmask the killers  of the son of the former president and another US$10.00 for two others including a security personnel.

Addressing a news conference Tuesday, November 16, 2021, police inspector General Patrick Sudue mentioned that both of the suspects have admitted to the commission of the act.

According to Sudue, both suspects would be charged and forward to court for onwards prosecution for their individual role played in the murder of the former president’s son.

He further disclosed that the parents of suspect Aloysius Garplah is undergoing investigation and would be charged for the crime of aiding and abetting  the  act.

Col. Sudue explained that owning to the commission of the crime,  Suspect Garplea’s  parents being knowledgeable of the act, took their son and the deceased Nephew in hiding  at their home in the county, while in the process of getting a native doctor involved to seal the matter; something that did not materialize up to their arrest.

Admitting to the commission of the crime, suspect Garplea said he was ushered into the deceased home by his Nephew suspect Alloysius Byron Anderson. The deceased Nephew also admitting to the commission of the crime, told police that he did that on personal ground.

But according to IG Sudue, there is a steady issue regarding the age of suspect Garplea on grounds that he is 16 years old, while his associate claiming that he (Garplah) is actually 19 years of age.

Sudue also revealed that they are also talking with suspect Garplea’s parents and other family members to establish whether he is actually 16 years of age as claimed.

Meanwhile, Col. Sudue said they are yet to get any trace of the murder suspects of Williams Tolbert III and Maude Elliott, a female Immigration Officer.

The LNP reassured the media and the general public that it will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that perpetrators of these deaths are arrested and face the full weight of the law.

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