“President Weah went on Political Jamboree in Lofa”

By: Washington Watson

MONROVIA-Former Deputy presidential Press Secretary during the administration of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Abel Plackie has described the recent Lofa County tour by President George Weah as political jamboree.

Mr. Plackie, during the ending of former President Sirleaf’s Administration in 2017,  he and other government officials were a part  of  the  county tour, basically to appreciate the citizens for upholding the peace and stability of  the  during  her leadership.

According to Plackie, Former President Sirleaf did not take along with her buses of supporters in those counties unlike President Weah.

Speaking Friday June 11, 2021  on Truth FM  State of Nation Program  the Former  Deputy Presidential Press Secretary  said during  the recent Lofa County Tour by President Weah, it was observed that partisans  of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), government Officials ,   friends who all went along with  the president to make it look like  the citizens  turned out  in  their numbers of which according  to him  was not a reality.

He said president Weah and his followers went on a jamboree in Lofa to spent millions of Liberian Dollars without tangible results.

According  to him,  the County tour should have been  the opportunity for  the President  to get firsthand information  from the people , those things  that are affecting  the progress  of their  lives and   the development of the county.

He said what was displayed by the President and his followers were pure party they went for instead of the real issues that are affecting their lives mainly the certification of their senator-elect.

Mr. Plackie furthered that the millions of Liberian dollars that were given for celebration by the President during the county tour in Lofa could have been use to make some interventions on those schools within the districts that are faced with serious challenges.

He also used the interview to urged president Weah to remove those incompetent Government officials who are not performing but are praise singers something he is not helping the Liberian leader and the CDC.

But during president George Weah Lofa County Citizen’s interaction there were Town Hall meetings were the citizens presented their petition to the President.

During  those  town hall meetings the Liberian leader assured  the citizens of Lofa County of his Government commitment  to provide  those basic developmental projects  that include road connectivity , building of schools, the building of markets, hospitals and gratitude  to  the citizens  for voting  him during  the 2017 elections .


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