President Weah wants Liberians fight drugs abuse

MONROVIA-President George Weah at the launch of the bicentennial celebration on Monday called on Liberians to help fight drugs abuse if the current generation is to become useful.

“In order to save our present young population and future generations of youth from self-destruction, we must fashion policies to fight drugs and substance abuse. It is very concerning to me when I see the downward path in which some of our young people are heading at break-neck speed,” he said.

Liberia is celebrating 200 years of existence as a nation-state after it was established freed slaves from the United States of America.

“I believe that our Founding Fathers were in search of a Land of Liberty and Freedom, which would serve as a home and a safe haven for all its citizens, regardless of tribe or creed or religion, and as a place where they could exercise and enjoy their inherent and inalienable human rights without obstruction,” he said.

He further said: “Wherever their souls may lie today in peaceful repose, I believe that our forefathers can look down on today’s Liberia with pride and satisfaction, seeing that their dreams have not only been realized but that their vision has also been sustained.”

Making remarks at the event, the Special Assistant to U.S. President Dana Banks at Liberia Bicentennial Launch said “Liberia is a country where the sense of purpose to succeed is tangible. From finding the strength and grace to leave behind nearly a decade and a half of civil war, to making history by electing the first female head of state not just for Liberia, but in all of Africa. A milestone, I might add, we have yet to achieve in my own country.”

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