President Weah wants Dean to replace Nagbe

MONROVIA-Dec 27-President George M. Weah on Wednesday nominated Justice Minister, Cllr.  Frank Musa Dean as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court to replace Judge Joseph Nagbe.

Cllr. Dean, if confirmed by the Liberian senate, will replace Associate Justice Nagbe who requested for early retirement due to health reasons on Wednesday.

In a presidential communication addressed to sanctioned president Pro-Tempore, Albert Chie, President Weah said he was confident that Cllr. Dean would perform such responsibility well if confirmed.

The communication sent to honorable Chie said: “I have the honor to submit for confirmation consideration to the Liberian senate, the following person nominated to the following position in government, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean.”

The letter concluded; “please accept, honorable ladies and gentlemen the sentiments of my highest consideration and esteem.”

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