President Weah urges Liberians to accept result

MONROVIA NOV 17-Liberian president, George Weah late Friday called on partisans and Liberians to accept the result and move on with their normal activities. He made the statement on state radio.

“I urge you to follow my example and accept the result of the election. Go home tonight with the knowledge that our ideas and vision for Liberia remain strong. We are a young movement.  And our time will come again. Tomorrow, resume your daily activity in a normal way,” he said.

Boakai, 78, a former vice president who lost to Weah in the 2017 election, led with 50.89% of the vote over Weah’s 49.11%, according to results from 99.6% of polling stations, the country’s elections commission said on Friday.

His statement has been appreciated by many Liberians. “I think this is good statesmanship shown and shows that he is a man of peace. This means a smooth transition,” Alfred. T. Johnson, a student at the University of Liberia said.

President Weah said, “Tonight, the CDC has lost the elections but Liberia has won. This is the time for graciousness in defeat. A time, to place our country above our party and patriotism above personal interest. I remain your president until the handover of power. I will continue to work for the good of Liberia.  Let us heal the division caused by the campaign and come together as one nation and one united people.”

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