President Weah stop Ignoring Liberians

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WHEN PRESIDENT George Manneh Weah embarked on  his political campaign in 2005, one of his key messages was  he would listen to the concerns of Liberians and will ensure that there is peace.

IT WAS BASED on some of these messages that he won the minds of many Liberians  to vote for him. Even when he did not win in 2005, he still respected it and at many times, he called on former president Sirleaf to listen to Liberians.

TODAY, YOU ARE The President of Liberia and it is expected that you still respect the message.

BUT IT APPEARS that you are not listening at all.  Recently, you nominated Mr. Austin Ndubusi Nwabudike to the   National Elections Commission-NEC as chairman. He was rejected by the senate for lying on his nationality status.

APPARENTLY realizing  that his stay there would lead to embarrassment for you,  he  was  recalled to retain his position as chairman for Liberia Anti Corruption Commission-LACC, a position also intended for Liberians.

TO MAKE HIS  case worse,  Mr. president, he was expelled by the Liberia National Bar Association, a body that he claimed to be a member of. Even though he went to court to challenge it.

AT THE LACC,  some employees recently threaten to protest if he was not removed from there. We think Mr. President, you are ignoring the concerns of your citizens.  It does not require an interpreter for you to hear and act. 

YOUR CONTINUED  silence on his presence at that place,  could lead to some serious  political consequences in the future. 

IT IS ABOUT  time that you try to act on Ndubusi now so as to avoid future embarrassment. Or Mr. president, are you waiting for your citizens to carry out mass demonstration before you act? 

REMEMBER WHEN  you were in opposition,  your party spoke against some issues which they felt were carried out wrongly by madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former president.

SO, AT THIS  time, why are you trying to repeat  some of the same  wrongs she did.

WE ARE CALLING you Mr. president, to  not ignore the call of your people. Remember whatever you do now, will either hunt you  positively or negatively tomorrow.

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