President Weah Sermonizes Relevance of Peace to Development in Liberia

The President of the Republic, Dr. George Manneh Weah, has underscored the importance of lasting peace in Liberia, describing it critical to holistic development and progress.

He said the prospects for economic transformations in the country hinge on Liberians’ attitude to embrace the virtues of peace and tranquility.

Acknowledging series of protests, which could have disrupted the peace and order of the country since his ascendency, President Weah however lauded Liberians for their role in maintaining the peace of the country.

In remarks Sunday, January 3, 2021 at the famous Faith Healing Temple of Jesus Christ on the Bushrod Island, Dr. Weah urged Liberians to continue to keep the country peaceful because “it is only a peaceful environment that is conducive for investments—investments that create job and improve lives.”

“There are people who want to come to this country, but it depends on how peaceful the country is,” he said further. “I therefore humbly want to call on Liberians to make peace a must in the New Year.”

President Weah also hailed the people of Liberia for the resilience demonstrated in the fight against Covid-19. He divulged that Liberia is internationally recognized and commended for being among a few countries that have done so well in combating the Covid-19.

He however reminded Liberians to bear in mind that Covid-19 is not yet eradicated and urged all citizens to keep heeding health protocols instituted by the Ministry of Health to fight the pandemic.

It was the Liberian Chief Executive’s first visit at the church founded by the late revered Mother Wilhelmina Dukuly.

The President said he was at the first Sunday service of the Church to, as he put it, “identify with the men and women who are praying for the peace and security of Liberia.”

President Weah said he was exceedingly happy to visit the Church he got to know since his youthful days in Gibraltar, mainly when he used to play football around the Freeport of Monrovia area.

He wished the people of Liberia prosperous New Year and expressed hope that the Yew Year would bring good tidings of prosperity to the nation and its people.

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