President Weah makes Changes in Gov.

Appoints Ex-lawmaker as Deputy minister


MONROVIA-President George Weah on Sunday made several appointments in government subject to confirmation where applicable, an Executive Mansion Release said.

Top among his appointment list is Mr. Matenokay Tingban, former lawmaker of Nimba County district number nine as deputy minister, Operation-Ministry of Internal Affairs. Tingban lost his seat to Mr. Johnson Gwenklolo, a former president of the a private University, United Methodist University.

The statement said, those appointed are: Ministry of Information
Grace P. Tarwo, Assistant Minister for New Media & National Branding,
Ministry of Agriculture, Anthony A. C. Barclay Assistant Minister/Technical Service
Ministry of Labour, Patrick J. Nixon Assistant Minister for Alien Registration
Eric D. Kpayea Inspector General

In local government area, president Weah appointed Mr. Philip Joh, Assistant Grand Gedeh County Local Government, Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs
Mr. Eric G. Gbeior County Relieving Commissioner
Jackson B. Quewon Superintendent
Gbarzon Statutory District
Phillip Dorbor Superintendent
Konobo Statutory District
Mr. Elijah Zabay District Commissioner
Gboe-Ploe Administrative District
Mr. George Gbarweay Relieving Commissioner
Gbarzon Statutory District
J. Zkannie Kinyea Commissioner
B’hai Administrative District
Philip Barjibo Commissioner
Putu Administrative District
Othello Belleh Zoway Commissioner
Konobo Administartive District Commissioner
Mr. Joseph G. Tarlue Commissioner
Glio-Twarbo Administrative District
Gauan Boye Belleh Commissioner
Cavalla Administrative District Commissioner
Constance Chea Commissioner
Tolbertville Township
Albert Monwen Assistant Superintendent
Gbarzon Statutory District
Mr. Edwin Campbell Inspector
Gboe-Ploe Admiistrative District
Edwin G. Gbomena Inspector
Gbarzon Statutory District
Mr. Kaytee Dweh Commissioner
Gboe Geewon Township
Mrs Felicia Boloyunu Dowaity Township Commissioner
Boe-Geewon Township, Gbarzon Statutory District

Grand Kru County Local Government
Gbalee Quaye Asst. Superintendent for Development Buah Statutory District

Sinoe County Local Government
Ignatius W. Fulka Superintendent
Sanquin Statutory District
Alvin B. Wesseh Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs
Martha Duaryenneh City Mayoress
Biloh City, Tarjouwon Statutory District
Roland Polo Statutory Superintendent
Sanquin District
Joseph Tulay City Mayor
Barloh City
Tarjuowon Statutory District
Kula Wiah Wacaba Statutory District
K. Edward Norman, Sr Superintendent
Wacaba Statutory District
A. Caine Tarwho Development Superintendent
Wacaba Statutory District

Nimba County – Local Government
Rubben Kpayor City Mayor, Bahn

Bong County – Local Government
Moses Stuberfield County Inspector
Junior Giddings Commissioner
William T. Lincoln General Town Chief
Sanoyea Clan
Samuel Dennis General Town Chief
Walapolu Clan
Richard Yarkpawolo General Town Chief
Nyailla Clan
Ma Gbolong Kamara Chief Elder
Sanoyea Clan

Sinoe County Community College Board of Directors
Prof. Geegbae A. Gbeegbae Chairman
Rev. J. Noah Jaysay Co-Chairman
Hon. Tanneh Brumson Member
Mr. Eric Goll Member
Prof. Jerry B. Nyangbae Member

National Commission on Higher Education
Dr. Edward Lama Wonkeryor (PHD) Director General

Nimba County Community College
Dr. Jesse Mongrue President

Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI)
Dr. Victor H Sumo Executive Director

Lawrence George Deputy Director Administration/LISGIS

National Identification Registry
Marcus Payne Deputy Director General/ Administration

Cooperative Development Agency
Eugene S. Joboe Jr Deputy Register General for Community Services
Mohammed Jalloh Deputy Register General for Program and Youth Development

Liberia Board of Tax Appeal
Cllr. Thompson Jappah Chair
Cllr. David Kolleh Member

Liberia Electricity Corporation
Rev. Josiah Pah Member of the Board

John F. Kennedy Medical Board
Bishop Sammy A. David Member of the Board

Bureau of State-Owned Enterprises
Jamoil P. Cummings Director- General
Sriya Musu Momolu Isodje Deputy for Administration/Finance
Alieu Mohammed Massaley Deputy for Operation

Criminal Court E- 9th Judicial Circuit, Bong County
Cllr. Tweh Wesseh Judge

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